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Interview with Hyuna: Wonder Girls and 4minute mean her whole life

Q. You released your new solo album after a one-year hiatus. How do you feel?
Hyuna: I was very nervous before releasing the album but I tried my best not to disappoint my fans.

Q. Tell me about the album.
Hyuna: I've been hard at work on the album for about 2 years, and the album contains various genres of music. As it's summer, I'll show very cool performance on the stage.

Q. It seems like you tried to put emphasis on your sexy charm as a sexy queen again.
Hyuna: Actually, the music video of "How's this?" was given a "15" rating, and my managers were very happy about it because they were worried if it could be rated "R." I worked out really hard when I was preparing for the album, and I'll show my healthy and sexy charm on the stage.

Q. It is your first ever album since 4minute was disbanded.
Hyuna: Even though 4minute has been disbanded, I don't think my memories with the 4minute members for 7 years will be just gone. And I think my activities as a solo singer is an extension of my activities as a member of 4minute. Wonder Girls and 4minute mean my whole life. There's a lot of baseless speculation about the breakup of 4minute, by the way.

Q. Do you think the 4minute members will be able to be reunited one day?
Hyuna: Well, if we have a chance. However, it’s also important for us to be realistic.

Q. Do you have a plan to make a comeback as Trouble Maker?
Hyuna: I can say nothing about it because all the albums of Trouble Maker were produced by Hong Seung Sung, the former CEO of my agency. Jang Hyunseung and I just followed his directions but he's not in the agency any more.

Q. Well, as you mentioned, Hong Seung Sung left Cube Entertainment for many reasons. How do you feel about it?
Hyuna: Well, frankly speaking, I don't know what to say. Please just support us.

Q. You know, you're loved by so many people. Then who's your favorite k-pop star?
Hyuna: I like k-pop stars who are very different from myself. I like GFriend, Apink, and the trainees who appeared in "Produce 101." And oh, I love Girls' Generation too.

Q. How's your private life? People think you must have many boyfriends because you are a sexy queen.
Hyuna: No, never. I don't have any fantasy about love, while I don't yearn for love for now. And there are very few males who show interest in me. I think it's because I began my career at an early age and they think I’m a person of difficult access. And of course, I always try to be very careful about my private life because I'm an entertainer who is loved by the public.

Q. What's your goal as a sexy queen?
Hyuna: I think I'm blessed because people consider me as a sexy star. I'm trying hard to live up to people's expectations. And I know some people say I'm not good at live singing. I'll try to improve my singing ability too.

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