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The Reason Why you should pay attention to Oh My Girl: The second-year girl group is in the ascendant

You know, there are so many girl groups in kpop world, while just a few of them can achieve a success as a idol star. In this situation, what do you think is the key to success? It's "differentiation." Girl groups should differentiate themselves from other teams to catch people's attention because most of the general public usually can't even remember names of so many girl groups.

The second-year girl group Oh My Girl is a good example. The lovely girl group has been trying hard to differentiate from other girl groups and is currently in the ascendant in the world of kpop. Oh My Girl shows various different conceptions whenever it releases new album and is now loved by so many Samchon fans in Korea. That's why you should pay attention to the girl group. Oh My Girl is not as popular as TWICE or GFriend yet, but the girl group has a lot of potential to grow up as an idol star.

When Oh My Girl released its debut song "Cupid," the members caught eyes of people by showing "trumpet performance." Well, it was very smart to set the pretty two members Hyojung and Jiho at the head because it was a great way to imprint the image of themselves in people's mind.

And when the girl group released "Liar Liar," a song which is full of girly imaginations, comparing the complicated feelings of a girl in love to a whale floating in a pink ocean, the 8 members showed off individual charms by showing an unique stage performance. A clear conception of the song was really impressive.

"Windy Day," the title track of Oh My Girl's repackage album that was released last May, is very unusual song. In the middle of the song, you can hear India style melody, while it is very uncommon to include such a style of melody in kpop girl group's song. Because of this, Oh My Girl could attract the attention of the public.

And on August 1, Oh My Girl released its summer special album. Well, it's notable that the album is filled with remakes of famous old kpop. Because of great popularity of TV programs such as "Sugar Man", Korean music fans's interest in old kpop is quite strong now. In this situation, it is expected that Oh My Girl will be able to capture people's heart by offering nostalgic value.

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