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SISTAR says they run really well and want to appear in "Running Man"

The "Summer Queen" is back. SISTAR made a comeback with its 4th mini album on June 21. And on the the day, the sexy kpop girl group held a comeback showcase in Seoul and talked about its brand new album. Let's see what the 4 members commented about their comeback.

Q. You made a comeback with another summer dance song "I Like That." Tell me about the song.
Soyou: It's a summer dance song, of course. However, it's a little bit different from our former songs such as "Touch my body" and "Shake it." We tried to show fancy performance before, but we will show more relaxed and confident manner when we will perform "I like that" on stage.
Bora: As we always released our new album in summer, we tried to give off our cheerful and energetic charm before. However, we wanted to show off our singing ability this time.

Q. It seems like your new album has an oriental flavor.
Soyou: The concept of the album is "Neo Orientalism." We tried to accent marvelous and dreamlike aspect of the album, and we cared much about our stage performance.

Q. Dasom, it's impressive that you had your back tattooed in the music video of "I like that."
Dasom: Well, the tattoo is a poetry and painting. The poetry is about a longing for a lover.

Q. It's notable that Hyolyn's own song "Say I love you" is also included in the album.
Hyolyn: It's really hard to write songs but I try to write a variety of kinds of songs. I think "Say I love you" is a catchy music, and I wrote the song, thinking of the SISTAR members.
Dasom: Actually, Hyolyn usually writes songs with zero popular appeal, but "Say I love you" is very easy to sing along to.

Q. Many other kpop girl group will make a comeback this summer. Who do you think is your biggest rival?
Dasom: I don't think it's a competition. I will just enjoy it.
Bora: I'm excited because many girl groups will release their brand new albums.
Hyolyn: I want to enjoy the party.

Q. It has been 6 years since you debuted. What did you do to celebrate your 6th anniversary?
Soyou: As we were too busy preparing for our new album, we just ate delicious things.
Hyolyn: As we have four members, we had a party till 4 am.

Q. You've never appeared on an entertainment program altogether. Wouldn't you like to be on any entertainment program?
Bora: I recently met Kim Jong Guk oppa and we talked about "Running Man." We run really well and want to appear on the program.
Dasom: A travel reality program will be great too.
Soyou: Yeah, I could never go on summer vacation after my debut. I want to go on a trip with the members.
Q. Soyou, you suffered from back injury last year. Are you ok now?
Soyou: Yeah, I cared much about body care during our hiatus. I felt sorry for my fans because I hurt my back shortly after I released my new song "Lean on me."
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