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Samchon Fan's Review of GFriend's Fan Signing Event

GFriend, one of the most popular kpop girl groups now, recently held its fan signing event in Daejeon, Korea. You know, the girl group has many samchon(uncle) fans, and one of the samchon fans, who attended the fan signing event posted his review of the event on a popular Internet board. Check out how was GFriend's fans signing event.

(I got on the stage and was about to sit in front of SinB, but I dropped a photo book)
SinB and I: Oh, oh.
I: Hi, I'm sorry. I'm so nervous.
SinB: (She said something about the photo book in a cute tone, but I can't remember what is was)
I: Wow, you're so pretty. Actually, this is my first ever visit to a fan signing event.
SinB: Really? This is your first time? So you're a first time visitor, oppa?
I: Yeah, I heard about the fan signing event and rushed to Daejeon yesterday.
SinB: Oh, really? To Daejeon, why?
I: To see GFriend.
SinB: What? You came to Daejeon to see whom?
I: To see GFriend.(I think I should have talked that I went to Daejeon to see SinB)
SinB: Wow, thank you for coming here. By the way, you look so stiff.
I: Ah, because I'm so nervous. You're so pretty.
SinB: Thank you. Please keep supporting us and see you again next time.
I: Yes, thank you.(I had more time to talk with her, but I had nothing to say. I just said "You're pretty" again and again)

I: Hi, it was so hard to be here.
Yerin: Why?
I: It's my first ever visit to a fan signing event and I was almost too late.
Yerin: Wow, really? It's daebak, oppa. By the way, why can't you make eye contact with me?
I: Well, I'm so nervous. You're so pretty in real life.
Yerin: Oh, that's why your face turned red?
I: No, no. Because I have a slight cold.
Yerin: You came here in spite of a slight cold?
I: I came here to see GFriend, but I can't even make eye contact because I'm so nervous.
Yerin: Look at me, oppa.(We had eye contact for about 4 seconds and it was a heart-stopping moment)
I: It looks like I did the right thing by coming here.(I can't remember what happened since then)
Yerin: See you again!

(She has really big eyes. She was so cute because she has small face and hands.)
I: Hi. Oh, I'm still nervous.
Umji: You look so stiff.
I: Yeah, I'm so nervous now. It's my first ever visit to a fan signing event.
Umji: Does this help you feel comfortable?(She suddenly made eye contact with me. We made eye contact at a distance of just 15cm)
Umji: (Suddenly) Do you smoke?
I: (I stuttered) I was so nervous, so I smoked before coming here. I've put on perfume and gargled. Do you smell smoke?
Umji: It's OK to smoke, but please try to quit smoking.
I: Yes!(I decided to stop smoking)

(She is the eldest and it was so comfortable to talk with her)
I: (I said this again) It's my first ever visit to a fan signing event.
Sowon: Oh, really? So your name is XX oppa?
I: Yeah, I'm so nervous now. It's heart-stopping. You're so pretty in real life.
Sowon: Than on TV?
I: Yeah, you look totally different. I mean, you're pretty on TV, but you're much prettier in the flesh than on TV.
Sowon: (Pointing to Umji) Isn't she so pretty?
I: Yeah, I was surprised that she's so pretty. I heard that you will perform at Daejeon World Cup Stadium later in the afternoon. I will be there.
Sowon: Really? Thank you! See you there.

I: Hi, it's my first ever visit to a fan signing event.
Eunha: Really, oppa? Thank you!
I: I'm so nervous. I could hardly sleep last night.
Eunha: Don't be nervous.(She made eye contact with me)
I: Wow, you have really attractive voice. And you're pretty.
Eunha: Thank you!
I: See you again. Can I shake your hand?
Eunha: Yeah, sure! See you again.
I: Thank you!

I: Hi, I love your voice.
Yuju: Really? Thank you, oppa!
I: I really like you because you're so pretty and sings very well.
Yuju: Thank you very much!
I: I watched all of your singing videos.(We talked a lot, but I can't remember)
Yuju: We'll show great performance, so please keep supporting us.
I: Yeah, can I shake your hand?
Yuju: Yeah, See you again!
(Yuju was a good speaker. All the members were really pretty, but SinB, Umji and Yuju stood out conspicuously, in my personal opinion. And SinB and Umji were really really cheerful.)

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