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Did EXO Kai Really Ignore Big Bang Seungri?

EXO's Kai has lately been embroiled in a controversy due to his wrong attitude toward his senior idol singer, Big Bang's Seungri at 2015 MAMA. As you can see in the picture above, when Seungri showed up in front of EXO, the members stood up and bowed politely to him, but Kai was just looking at him. Well, do you think Kai really ignored Seungri?

Let's see the scene from another angle. You can see Kai removed his legs with thighs attached when Seungri appeared but missed timing to bow to him.

Let's take a second look at it. Yeah, he belatedly found out that Seungri was there, and he had no enough time to express respect to the senior singer. And you know, it was during the live broadcast and Kai couldn't go to him later, of course.

Don't mistake Kai for a rude person. He's not a very cheerful person and he is a little shy, but he is not the one with no notion of politeness or manners. Anyway, it was an impressive performance by Seungri, and I'm sure he pleased many kpop fans.
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