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Secret's Jun Hyo Sung Overcomes Criticism through Steady Efforts

You know, in 2013, Jun Hyo Sung was embroiled in controversy because she made a slip of the tongue on a radio program. Since then, she has been dogged by a fierce criticism for years, and some said that she's finished as an idol singer.

However, things changed. These days, it seems that many of Korean fans no longer consider her as an unlikeable character. I can see many netizens posting the female idol's photos and cheering for her on various web communities. And many people are really looking forward to her new solo album to be released on March 28. Yeah, Hyo Sung's life as an idol singer is just reversed. About this, people in the world of kpop say that it's thanks to Jun Hyo Sung's diligent personality. They all say in chorus, "Many people just regard her as a sexy idol who has a curvy body. But she's the one who is very faithful and makes constant efforts." Check out comments about Jun Hyo Sung.

Shortly after Secret's debut, Jun Hyo Sung went to a practice room everyday and practiced singing alone. Her practice went on day after day without a break. So, the CEO of her agency asked her, "Why are you practicing alone so hard?" She answered, "Just in case I will release my solo album some time or other." After the conversation, the CEO made a resolve to help her debut as a solo singer. And just before releasing her solo album, she took some hard vocal lessons even though she was an experienced singer who has been active in kpop world for years. Not every idol makes such effort.
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