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Kpop Stars’ Nicknames Given by their Agencies

What Kpop agencies do is promote their artists. And to promote the artists, the agencies sometimes give them nicknames. Some may think it's so funny, but it is quite effective promotion strategy to imprint kpop idols' image on the public's mind by nicknaming the idols. So, here are some kpop stars' nicknames given by their agencies. I receive email from kpop agencies everyday, and they use these nicknames to highlight their artists.

Girls’ Generation No.1 Girl Group
Girls’ Generation TTS SM No.1 Unit
EXO Global Ruling Group
SHINee K-pop Leader
SHINee Taemin SM Ace
SHINee Jonghyun The Representative SM Singer Song Writer
f(x) The Unique Girl Group
AOA Jimin Chart Eater
AOA Cream The Most Lovely
Mamamoo Chart Queen, Girl Crush Queen
4minute The Legend of Fan Service, Stong-Minded Unnies
G-Dragon Global Star
CL Global Star
iKON Monster Rookie
BTS Global Ruling Idol, Next Generation Hallyu Star
Seventeen Super Rookie
GFriend The Ruling Girl group, “GOD” jachingu, National Girl Group
WJSN Joint Korean-and-Chinese Mega Girl Group, SISTAR’s Sister
SISTAR Hyolyn Kpop Super Vocal, The Representative Kpop Diva
SISTAR Bora The Fashion Icon
Monsta X The Hottest Rookie
Bestie The Ruling Idol
April Lovely Girls
Younha The Representative Female Kpop Solo, Chart Eater
T-ara The Ruling Girl Group in China

Well, how is it? There are much more nicknames of kpop stars, but I don't remember all of them and I delete my emails frequently. If you want to know some more nicknames, just let me know.
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