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GFriend was the Last Shot of the Head of its agency

GFriend, a kpop girl group who debuted in 2015, is showing a rapid growth in the world of kpop. The girl group consecutive hits with its songs 'Glass Bead', 'Me Gustas Tu', and 'Rough', and became one of the most popular kpop idol groups in a drive. And as you may know, GFriend overcame its limitations as a girl group of small kpop agency, and that is also a reason why so many people like the girl group.

Then, do you know how poor GFriend's agency was before the great success of the girl group?

"The head of GFriend's agency is a seasoned kpop manger. However, he has never succeed with his singers. He once was a manger of 8eight and also worked as a manger of GLAM. You know, GLAM has been disbanded without having attained any result, while 8eight couldn't win a big success either. He made a massive investment in his singers but couldn't retrieve the investment. He worked for peanuts and even had to beg a meal from kpop journalists. Meanwhile, In 2014, he decided to blow his last shot. Yeah, it was GFriend. He invested all of his rent deposit to produce GFriend's album even though no one thought he's going to win a success. However, he became successful as if to show the people who used to look down on him. When god closes a door, he opens a window, huh?"
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