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Seventeen's Woozi aims to be the next G-Dragon and Zico

Have you heard about rookie kpop group Seventeen? Yeah, many of you may know about the boy group because the group has already appeared on various music chart shows since its debut in May 2015. Seventeen has 13 talented members and they are attractive enough to charm many girls.

On September 10, Seventeen made a comeback with its new song 'Mansae'(which means "hurrah" in English) and held a showcase event in Seoul. Do you like the song? By the way, before the showcase, I read an interesting promotional words about Seventeen's Woozi written by the boy group's agency Pledis Entertainment, home to After School and NU'EST.

"Recently, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Block B's Zico are drawing attention from the public by displaying their ability as musicians. Just like the two talented idols, Seventeen's Woozi is also making a strong appearance as an artist. Woozi took part in producing Seventeen's album and showed off his songwriting skills. As a producer of Seventeen, Woozi has been absorbed in songwriting despite his tight schedule."

Well, what do you think of these promotional words? Oh, don't get wrong. This is not to say that Pledis Entertainment is running a ridiculous campaign for its new boy group.

Just like the agency stated, Woozi took parting in writing all the songs released by Seventeen so far, while the other members also took part in designing their choreography or determining their costume concepts. They're very talented. That's how the boy group differentiate itself from the other rookie idol groups. So, do you think Woozi will be able to GD-level idol? Some of you might laugh at this. However, no one knows about the future. Here are the Seventeen members' comments at their comeback showcase.

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