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Interview with Cheondung: Sandara Park loves his drama

Q. Your drama 'Make a woman cry' was just finished. How was the drama?
Cheondung: I think the drama will remain as my TOP 3 drama no matter how many dramas I appear on in the future. The set for the drama was full of excitement and laughter. As I'm a rookie actor, I could learn a lot from the drama.

Q. I heard that you came through a competition of 400 to 1 to be cast in the drama.
Cheodung: Yeah, I thought I could learn a lot from the audition. That's why I took part in the audition even though I thought I was not ready for acting yet. It was a great opportunity for me.  We had the audition in groups of five to ten and I was able to gain great experience.

Q. You left MBLAQ and began your career as an actor in the new company Mystic Entertainment. Tell me about your new start.
Cheondung: At first, I didn't even think about my career as an actor. The reason why I made a contract with Mystic Entertainment was that the company always respects its artists' individuality. I thought I could write my own songs in the company and show new aspects of myself. However, after making the contract, we talked about not only my album but also acting, and I had a chance to begin my career as an actor.
Q. Did your sister, 2NE1's Sandra Park also watch your drama?
Cheondung: Yeah, she watched the drama and said she loves it. Her level of satisfaction with my acting differed from episode to episode.

Q. It's notable that you're using your real name "Park Sang Hyun" as an actor. Between your two names Cheondung and Park Sang Hyun, which name do you want to be called?
Cheondung: I like both of them. Call me as you like. Everybody knows well about both singer Rain and actor Jung Ji Hoon. I want to be like him.

Q. I heard you lost your weight before filming 'Make a woman cry'.
Cheondung: When I debuted, I weighed 56kg. I tried to build up my body because I wanted to look better on the stage. However, it was too much and I reached a weight of 70kg. Actually, as I'm big-boned, I look fatter than my weight. Some said I look like a pig. I lost 9 kilograms before appearing on the drama.

Q. What's your goal as an actor?
Cheondung: I want to be an actor with my own atmosphere. I hope I will be able to become an actor who can impress viewers without saying a word in films and dramas.

Q. So, are you planning to release your solo album too?
Cheondung: Release date of my album has not been confirmed yet. As it will be my first ever solo album, I want to show an extreme change through the album. I'm making various kinds of music and I think I will be able to show a variety of performance. I'll take part in making every track of the album. As I'm alone now, I feel more responsibility to do well.

Q. Are you thinking about your next drama and character too?
Cheondung: I want to try spectacular action scenes. Actually, I've never fought somebody before. But I recently began boxing. I want to play a character that is totally different from my real personality.

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