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iKON's Debut: Younger than Big Bang and More Sensuous than Winner

YG Entertainment's new boy group iKON finally revealed itself. On September 15, the group made a debut by releasing its warm-up single 'My Type'.

Hip Hop Based Music
Have you all listened to the song? As it is well known, the YG artists do hip hop based music. And iKON's debut song 'My Type' is a well made hip hop piece too, while B.I and Bobby took part in writing the song. Through the song, iKON, who is considered as the only EXO vs, shows its unique style of music. So, do you think iKON will be able to catch up with EXO, who debuted in 2012 and has already become the most popular kpop idol group? Well, as always, it's a matter of choice between YG artist's individuality and SM's systematic producing ability.

Younger than Big Bang
As you know, the iKON members are much younger than the Big Bang members. Well, by the way, iKON's music is younger than Big Bang too. 'My Type' is the song about a boy who likes everything about a girl. In the song, the boy is described as being pure and innocent. And through the song, the iKON members sing about love of young people in their late teens to early 20s, unlike Big Bang who includes more mature feelings in its songs. Yeah, it's a shift in generations. It is expected that iKON will be YG's most popular teen idol group in the near future.

More Sensuous than Winner
YG's Winner debuted in 2014 with its debut song 'Empty'. Just like iKON's debut song 'My Type', the song was an emotional hip hop music, while B.I and Bobby took part in writing the song. However, 'My Type' is a more sensuous music because it has very catchy chorus and easier melody line to sing along to. It's refined and trendy.(Apart from the music, characteristics of the two groups' members' had an influence on this kind of assessment. Winner has a great low tone rapper Song Minho, and he gets abreast of iKON's low tone rapper Bobby. However, Winner doesn't have as competitive high tone rapper as iKON's B.I, while Winner's main vocalist Kang Seung Yoon's voice doesn't seem to be suitable for hip hop based music) 

Grand Scale Debut Project
After warming up with its single 'My Type', iKON will release a mini album on October 1. After then, the boy group's full album will be released on November 2. The album will has a total of 12 tracks. By the way, it is very notable that the group will hold a debut concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park on October 3. It is unusual for a rookie idol group to hold a concert soon after its debut, while it is more startling that iKON's debut concert will be held at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park. It is the biggest indoor concert hall in Korea, and very few popular idol groups can hold their concerts at the stadium because it's hard to fill the concert hall. Well, YG is confident of iKON's success that much.

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