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Interview with GFriend: They almost cried when they met Girls' Generation

Q. You have to compete with so many other girl groups who made comeback this summer. How do you feel?
Sowon: I'm just happy I can appear on the stage with them. During our hiatus, we just looked at them vacantly because they are so pretty and have great performance skills. We learn a lot from them.

Q. Did you visit their waiting rooms to pay your respects to them?
Sowon: Yeah, they gave a warm welcome to us even though there could be many who do not know about us.
Yerin: 9Muses is really beautiful. They're like goddesses.
Yuju: We almost cried when we met Girls' Generation. When we visited their waiting room, Tiffany was wearing her sunglasses, but she removed her glasses before saying hello to us, stating, "I should make eye contact when I greet a person. I'm enjoying your performance these days." I was so touched by her. And Taeyeon said "Take care of your knees when you perform on stage." I let out a yell when I heard it because it was very moving.

Q. You have not a few fans now. What do you think is the reason for your popularity?
Sowon: There are no other girl groups who show acrobatic performance on stage. I think people like our performance.
Yerin: Some say we are powerful and innocent. I just want to say thanks, everyone. We vault over a horse on stage this time when we perform 'Me Gustas Tu'. We want to transmit energy to our fans through the performance.

Q. How do you usually spend time?
Yuju: We're really talkative. People say we look like ordinary high school girls.
Umji: We're like real sisters and I think that's why we can show good performance on stage.

Q. What's your goal?
Sowon: We got scolded a few days before our comeback. We should do better. We were loved by so many people when we released 'Glass Bead', but we want to show better performance with 'Me Gustas Tu'. And I hope 'Me Gustas Tu' will evoke memories of people's childhood.
Eunha: Yeah, we worked very hard to prepare for the album. I think it's our second debut.
Umji: I hope the number of our fan cafe members will increase. And we want to win rookie of the year award if possible.

Q. What do you think GFriend's own charm is?
Sowon: Frankly speaking, we're not pretty. We have many shameful photos. However, we want to be a friendly girl group. We try to memorize all the names of our fans.

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