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Kpop Stars' Luxurious Home: Where Do They Live?

Do you want to know where do Kpop stars live? Well, as you expect, top Kpop stars are financially able to purchase high-priced houses. Let's take a look at Kpop stars' luxurious houses.

JYJ's Kim Junsu has his villa “Brown Stone Legend” in Samseong-dong, Seoul. It costs about 2.6 million dollars, while his team mate Kim Jae Joong also lives in there as Junsu's good neighbor. Actually, before being independent of his parents, he has lived in a detached house placed in Paju city with parents. The house has all the luxurious items like fountain and saloon bar. It costs about 1.6 million dollars, and Junsu gave the house to his mother as a present.

BoA lives in “Sangji Ritzville” placed in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. Girls' Generation's Jessica is her neighbor. The 230 square meter villa has three rooms and three bathrooms, while it costs about 1.8 million dollars. The picture below is the exterior.

Big Bang's TOP is also well known as an owner of a luxurious residence. He paid about 2.8 million dollars to buy the villa located at UN Village, Han-nam dong, Seoul.(UN Village is a famous rich village in Korea. There are lot of luxurious villas, and many Korean celebrities like singer Lee Hyori, actress Lee Young Ae, actor Jung Junho and more live in the village.)

BIGBANG's TOP is also well known as an owner of a luxurious residence. He paid about 2.8 million dollars to buy the villa located in UN Village, Han-nam dong, Seoul. UN Village is a famous rich village in Korea. Lots of luxurious villas are there, and many Korean celebrities such as Lee Hyori, Lee Young Ae and Jung Junho live in the village. TOP's house has 4 rooms and 3 bathrooms, and its ratio of area for exclusive use is 181 square meter.

Here are other Korean stars who own expensive houses. Kim Hyun Joong lives in “Paragon” Villa located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul. The price is about 2.8 million dollars, and actor Cha Seungwon and actress Song Yoona are his neighbors. And Lee Minho lives in “Nonhyeon Lafolium” located in Nonhyeon-dong, Seoul. The 263 square meter villa costs about 4 million dollars. The apartment has golf driving range, in room movie systems, massage room, and other convenient facilities.

Actually, in Korea, many people want to live in apartments rather than villas because it is more valuable as a part of investments in real estate. (The word “villa” is used in different senses by different countries. In Korea, "villa" has multiple meanings. Firstly, it means multiplex houses. Secondly, it sometimes means luxurious house. Some of villas in Seoul are much more luxurious than ordinary apartment. So, villa and apartment are totally different in Korea.)

However, most of famous Korean stars need houses only for residence, not investment. In addition, there are too many residents in the apartment complex. That’s why Korean stars usually choose villas as their residence. There are relatively less residents in villas, while villas have better security system.

And one more notable thing about k-pop stars’ home is that many of them live in villas located in Gangnam area. I'm sure you’ve heard about Gangnam. Literally, it means “South part of the river.” There is a Han river that across Seoul city, and we usually call the southeast part of Seoul as “Gangnam.” Gangnam has been regarded as a symbolic area of Korean high-class culture, and compared to other areas, Gangnam's house price is much higher, which means only people in a particular social class can afford to buy it. Gangnam is famous for its pleasant residential environment. So, it has symbolic value for k-pop stars to live in Gangnam area. Of course, there is another particular area that is regarded as the rich village in Seoul. Big Bang's G-Dragon  paid about 2.8 million dollars to buy his high rise mixed-use apartment that is next above Han river. It is located in Seongsu-dong. He can enjoy wonderful view of the river in the luxurious residence. However, as many of Korean entertainment companies and famous beauty shops are located in Gangnam area, k-pop stars prefer to live in the area.

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