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Will Sulli eventually leave f(x)?

On June 25, Korean media outlet Herald Biz reported that Sulli has stopped all activities as an f(x) member and will leave the team. According to the report, f(x) is preparing for their comeback as 4 members including Krystal, Victoria, Luna, and Amber, while Sulli will focus on her activities as an actress.

There has been a rumor about Sulli's leaving f(x) going around in the world of kpop for some time. To say the conclusion first, things are rough now. When I first heard about the rumor and talked to a staff member of SM, he said "Don't worry. She's doing just fine. The only problem is, she is so happy now." At that time, Sulli told SM that she wanted to stop her activities as an f(x) member and SM gave her vacation. She spent her vacation with Dynamic Duo's Choiza and she was so happy, while SM was confident about persuading Sulli. That's why the staff member told that I don't need to worry. After then, SM and the f(x) members tried to persuade Sulli. However, it seems that it's so hard to change Sulli's mind. Recently, the SM staff member just said "Nothing has been decided yet." SM will continue its convincing job, but the possibility of Sulli's return doesn't look very good. I hope Sulli will change her mind and return to f(x).


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