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[Exclusive] 2015 MAMA might be held in Singapore

Here is good news for kpop fans in Singapore.

As you know, MAMA(Mnet Asian Music Awards) was held in Hong Kong 3 years in a row. When I visited 2014 MAMA, the Mnet staff said "We hold MAMA in Hong Kong because the city is the center of business, economy, and culture, while it has a large floating population." (Stories Behind 2014 MAMA: Best Performances & Unknown Stories)

By the way, Lee Mi Kyung, vice chairman of CJ, is now showing a great interest in the Singaprean market. As I have heard from reliable source, she has recently visited Singapore and instructed staff to find a proper place where 2015 MAMA will be held. Of course, nothing has been decided yet regarding 2015 MAMA, and it is not a simple task to decide where 2015 MAMA will be held. MAMA has been maintaining a continuing relationship with various overseas companies, while the sponsorship deal with the companies is the most important thing for MAMA. It's unclear if the companies will agree with the change of the awards ceremony venue or not. And it is also unclear that MAMA will be able to find new big sponsors if 2015 MAMA will be held in Singapore. Anyway, let's wait for good news.

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