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Is T-ara beyond a chance of recovery?

Consistent Public Criticism Toward T-ara
T-ara's bullying problem has surfaced in 2012. The girl group's former member Hwayoung didn't come on the stage of T-ara's concert in Tokyo due to her wounded leg, while the other members began to blame her through their SNS accounts.

Eventually, as you know, Hwayoung was kicked out of T-ara and made a contract with her new agency.

After the incident, T-ara became the focus of public censure because it seemed that the members bullied Hwayoung. There was nobody who would take T-ara's side, while more than 300,000 people joined the website 'Ti Jin Yo'.(Short for T-ara aege Jinsileul Yoguhamnida, which means "We ask T-ara for the truth of the incident")

It has been years since the incident occurred, but there still is a fierce public criticism toward T-ara.

On April 28 2015, T-ara's Eunjung appeared on Mnet's '4Show' and stated, crying, "Things have been misunderstood by the public. There is a reason why I can't tell the truth. I think I just have to endure all the criticism. We may be able to be open-minded 10 years later."

However, it was useless for her to say so. After the broadcast, the public is still blaming her for pretending to be a victim of the bullying incident. Yeah, the bullying scandal caused severe damage to T-ara's image, and no one tries to listen to the members.

"It's true that there was a conflict between Hwayoung and the other members. However, the incident has been blown out of proportion due to the lack of management skill of the girl group's agency. Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of the agency, was known for being good at playing the media, but failed to settle the case."

Issue of School Bullying in Korea
Bullying is a problem in many schools in Korea. Yeah, today bullying is a serious problem. Bullying is a repeated action causing embarrassment, shame, fear or anxiety, while it can take on many forms.

A more serious problem is that many teens just accept bullying as part of school life because bullying has become so extreme and so common, while teenager's life can be ruined by bullying and some of the victims kill themselves after being bullied.

That's why people are so sensitive over T-ara's bullying scandal. 

Will T-ara be able to make a breakthrough?
After the incident, T-ara has done many things to make a breakthrough. Jiyeon and Hyomin released their solo albums, while T-ara has been focused on its overseas activities. The girl group held a fan meeting event in Vietnam and took part in a coronation for the king of Malaysia. And the members appeared on some dramas.

Well, however, I don't think T-ara's such activities can be a breakthrough for the girl group. They're trying to show off their undiminished power in the world of kpop by doing so, but no one seems to regard T-ara as a one of the most popular kpop girl groups any more.

Then, what should T-ara do to make a breakthrough? They need to make a big hit with their new song, but it's not easy either. Their agency and the agency's old man Kim Kwang Soo seem to be no longer competitive in kpop music market.

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