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A Part timer of Chanel 2015/16 Cruise collection in Seoul testifies about G-Dragon's personality

The Chanel 2015/16 Cruise collection in Seoul was held on May 4, while a lot of celebrities including Big Bang's G-Dragon, Taeyang, 2NE1's CL, actress Han Ye Seul, and Super Junior's Siwon attended the event.

By the way, a male part timer who worked there posted a review of the show on a Korean website, commenting about GD's appearance and personality. Let's see what he talked about GD.

During the holidays, I was looking for a job because I needed some money. I found a job opening of the Chanel event and of course, I applied for it because its hourly wage was pretty high. Actually, I didn't even know that it is such a big show and so many celebrities attend the event.

I received an education in the morning and had to practice serving the VIPs all afternoon.

Finally, I entered the event hall, holding a tray of champagne. 

At that moment, CL got into the hall! It was a heart-stopping moment. She was very cool!

And I could see celebrities such as Yoona, Go Asung, Choi Siwon, Lee Jongsuk, Park Shin Hye, Krystal and Tilda Swinton. I just stared at them with a blank expression on my face.

By the way, a buzz of excitement suddenly ran through the crowd. Yeah, GD and Taeyang appeared on the event hall. I'm sorry, Taeyang, but GD was the only one who caught my eyes.

It was the first time for me to see him, and he looked like a god of swagger. I couldn't tell if I was awake or dreaming.

After I served some other celebrities, I dropped back into my place. Well, the coolest GD was talking with other people. He was apart from Taeyang.

And oh, my! He was walking toward me! I felt my heart pounding, while he took up a glass of champagne and returned to his place. 

GD took up my champagne! It was an overwhelming moment. By the way, he suddenly looked back and said "Thank you." 

He was a man with great manners!

And when I was watching his back as he walked away, damn, fucking bodyguard elbowed me and I dropped glasses.

People were startled at the noise and I couldn't face people because I was so embarrassed. A bigger problem was that the champagne spattered GD's lush pants.

Fuck. I felt like I had to be punished in high treason. GD looked at his pants, but he just continued on his way to his place.

After finishing the show, I moved to the party place and found GD again. He looked so great even under the dim lighting. I overheard what he was talking to his acquaintance, and he said "Ah, too many people in the hall," bending his brows a little bit. He was so cute :)

By the way, the champagne thing troubled my mind. Think about it. He dressed up for the show and champagne spattered his lush pants because of me.

I wanted to apologize, but I couldn't approach to him because there are so many people around him including foreigners, entertainers and bodyguards.

I watched for an opportunity. And when he was about to leave the hall, I gathered up the courage and followed him.

I called him carefully, saying, "Hey, look,' and he looked back with a bright smile, while the bodyguards were on high alert.

I said "I'm so sorry about the champagne. I have been so busy that I have failed to apologize to you," and he answered, "Oh, it's ok. Never mind."

I was so moved because his way of speaking was so gentle.

Oh, I'm not a gay. I go mad for girls and hate guys. But, GD is so cool.

Anyway, I want to apologize GD's plenty of fans.

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