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Will all the Chinese idols leave SM? The story doesn't apply to f(x)'s Victoria

It seems that another EXO member could leave the team. Actually, there has been a sign of it as I mentioned in this article.

China's SINA recently released its interview with Tao' father. According to the report, the idol star's father said Tao ultimately agreed to leave, stating, "Since his debut, Tao has appeared on many programs that held a risk to harm his health. My heart hurt seeing that the agency didn't properly take care of my son's injuries each time."

To this, SM entertainment stated "We have been in the process of consistently discussing with Tao and his father regarding the idol's activities in China. We're so sorry about the father's comments. Despite that, we will try to strike a happy balance with Tao and his father through dialogues."

As you know, EXO's Kris and Luhan have already left the team, and if Tao leaves EXO, Lay will be the only Chinese member left in the very popular kpop idol group. 

"Do know why EXO's Chinese members want to leave SM? Please Check out this post. The main reason is Chinese agency's approach, while it is all about money. The Chinese market has an enormous capital strength, and it seems that the Chinese members are interested in more money and fame in China. By the way, there is only one Chinese idol who doesn't seem to be interested in money and fame in the country. It's f(x)'s Victoria."

The female idol who debuted in 2009 has been active in China as a singer and actress. She has gained great popularity and became one of the most entertainers in the country. Of course, Chinese agencies have tempted many times to attract her just as they have done to the EXO members, while her parents had to move house again and again because the agencies bothered them. If she made a contract with Chinese agency, she could sit on a pile of money. However, she rejected all the suggestions because she wanted to be with the f(x) members for ever.

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