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Kpop idol ranking based on Melon Likes: IU proves her dominance on music chart

Queen of Melon: IU
As of March 2, 2015, the most liked song on Melon music chart is Soyou & Jung Gigo's 'Some'. However, the queen of Melon chart is IU. Her 'Friday' is ranked at No.6 on the kpop idol ranking based on Melon Likes, while her other songs 'Meaning of you', 'Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms', and 'My Old Story' all made the top 30 list. It is also notable that IU's 'The Red Shoes' is ranked at No.31 with 58,078 likes. Well, IU, the 22-year-old singer, is absolutely holding a prominent position on online music charts in Korea. She is loved by so many people thanks to her sweet but emotional voice and cute appearance.

Girl Group of Melon: APink and SISTAR
Some of you may wonder why you can't see the big names including Girls' Generation and 2NE1 on the ranking. However, this is what's actually happening on Melon now.(Before Psy's 'Gangnam Style' created a sensation in 2012, not many Korean people clicked "Like" on Melon) Among all the kpop girl groups, APink is really quite something. The girl groups hits, 'LUV', 'NoNoNo', and 'Mr.Chu' all made the top 30 list, while 'LUV' is the most liked song among all the kpop girl groups' hits except for Ladies' Code's 'I'm Fine Thank You'.(As you may know, the group was involved in a car accident that resulted in the deaths of EunB and Rise in 2014, and Korean people mourned over the death of them by listening the song) SISTAR's 'Loving U' and SISTAR 19's 'Gone Not Around Any Longer' were also liked by more than 60,000 people.

Boy Group of Melon: Big Bang, EXO and BEAST
Big Bang, one of the most popular kpop boy groups, is having its long hiatus, but the two talented members of the group, Taeyang and GD proved their unchanging power in the world of kpop by being ranked on the list with their solo songs. Taeyang's 'Eye Nose Lip' is ranked at No.3, while GD's 'Crooked' is ranked at No.19. EXO, who is leading the new generation of kpop, also proved its dominance in kpop world by making its 2 songs ranked on the top 30 list. BEAST's hits '12:30', 'Shadow', and 'Good Luck' are also included on the list, while the group's main vocalist Yang Yo Seop is ranked at No.22 with his solo song 'Caffeine'.

Rookie of Melon: Akdong Musician and Winner
It is never easy for rookie kpop idols to ranked on the top 30 list, but two competent rookies, Akdong Musician and Winner just made it. Akdong Musician has a total of two songs included on the list, '200%' and 'I Love You', and Winner's debut song 'Empty' is ranked at No.9, while it is notable that both of them are YG entertainment's new artists.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!