Is EXID's Hani involved in a secret love affair with a middle-aged actor?

EXID's Hani has gone through some trouble because of vicious rumors.

Vicious rumors about the female idol star were recently spread via the Internet, and the singer's agency warned that wild speculations could result in legal action.

The agency stated, "The rumor surrounding Hani is completely false and we will take legal action against those who continue to spread this rumor."

The original rumor stated, "Female Idol A, a sex slave of married middle-aged actor B: A, a popular member of a girl group that has recently started to gain fame late into their debut has been involved in a secret love affair with one of top middle-aged actors. Even after she gained fame, A has been known to run over to him whenever B calls and she goes along with B's well known perverse sexual proclivity." B is Lee Byung Hun, or Cha In Pyo, according to the original rumor. The truth of the rumor? What do you think? Rumors are just rumors.

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