[Exclusive] Kara's Goo Hara Prepares for her solo song

Kara's Goo Hara is preparing for her solo song.

According to the officials, Hara has already asked some composers to make her upcoming solo song.

Since she debuted as a member of Kara in 2008, Hara has gained great popularity, showing off her extraordinary beauty and outstanding talent on stage. And she has proved her possibility as a solo singer by showing her attractive solo performance from time to time.

"According to the officials, Hara and her agency feel some pressure because she will be compared to Kara's former member Nicole who left the girl group and debuted as a solo singer in November 2014. Objectively speaking, Nicole was unsuccessful with her solo debut, and it seems that Hara and her agency want to prove that Hara can do much better than Nicole. For this reason, they're putting much work into Hara's upcoming solo song."

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