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APink Bomi's Childhood Photos Prove her Trauma with CBR Training

Apink's Yoon Bomi confided about her childhood trauma with CBR training.

At MBC's 'Real Man' aired on February 8, Bomi took CBR training with other female soldiers. By the way, when she was trained on how to put on a gas mask, she was in a panic and started having difficulty breathing. And she eventually broke down in tears.

After then, she confided about her childhood trauma. When she was young, she went to a Marine camp and took CBR training for the first time in her life. Since it was too painful, Bomi had to punch a window and escape the gas chamber.

"Recently, female stars who appear in 'Real Man' drew some public criticism. The weak and slim women burst into tears from time to time when they took military training, and some people are criticizing their weakness, saying, "The army is a place where soldiers are trained to become real soldiers. It's not a place where girls whine about something."(Check out this article) Bomi is no exception. Some people are criticizing Bomi for dropping tears when she was being trained. However, what if Bomi is really suffering from childhood trauma with CBR training? See Bomi's childhood photos below. The photos were taken when the idol went to a Marine camp long time ago."

 Cute little Bomi. But she looks ready to collapse at any minute.

Look at her hand. Like she said, she punched a window and escaped the gas chamber.


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