Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

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Secret's Song Ji Eun Chosen As a Lady of the Month by Men's Magazine

Secret's Song Ji Eun is chosen as a lady of the month by men's magazine Gentleman.

Through the magazine's photo revealed on November 25, the female idol singer who has been selected as a lady of the month, showed off her sleek figure, looking at the camera, with a bewitching look.

In the photos, she looks pure and innocent, but at the same time, gives off her sexy charm with her thigh-baring clothes.

She said, "In the old days, I wasn't greedy at all. But now, I just say I want to do every thing in a way that isn't disrespect to somebody."

Meanwhile, Song Ji Eun has been busy promoting her solo song '25' released on October 14.


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