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BEAST Says They've Not Ever Talked About Their Marriage Plans

Beast(B2st) recently released its new album 'Time' that has a total of 6 songs including the title track '12:30'. And with the release of the album, the fifth-year boy group was interviewed by various Korean media outlets. Let's see what the Beast members talked about their new album and themselves.

Q. It has been 5 years since you debuted. How do you feel?
Yoon Du Jun: It's not a short period of time. I've spent a long time with the Beast members and our fans. I have good memories. I'm thankful for that.

Q. Were there any moments of crisis?
Yoon Du Jun: It was right after debut. I was uncertain of our future. Before we debuted, 4minute gained great popularity with their song 'Hot Issue'. So, I thought that we could win success if we started to show ourselves in public once. But, we failed so severely. I think it was a great preventive injection.

Q. During your 5 years of career, there has not been a big accident. What do you think is the reason for that?
Yoon Du Jun: Personally, I'm timid.
Yang Yo Seob: Yeah, Du Jun is really timid.
Yoon Du Jun: Dong Woon is the second member who is timid.
Yang Yo Seob: I think there's no one who is not timid.

Q. Have you ever talked about each member's marriage plan?
Yang Yo Seob: No, not at once. Du Jun really likes MBC's entertainment program 'Dad, where are you going?' But we didn't talked about our marriage.
Yoon Du Jun: I said that I want to appear on the 10th season of 'Dad, where are you going?' to be aired some day. I really hope that the show will be a long-lived program.

Q. Who do you think will be the most attentive dad?
Yang Yo Seob: It's Du Jun.
Yoon Du Jun: I hope to have two children. Older sister and younger brother. From the point of view of a boy, having an older sister is a wonderful thing.

Q. In the early times of your career, all of you guys lived under the same roof. Have you never been in a fight before?
Yang Yo Seob: When we just started to live together, there was a conflict of opinions among the team members. But we began to understand one another after 3 years of cohabitation.
Yoon Du Jun: Yeah, there were times we fought in the early times. We hardly knew each other, and we hurt each other. Over the years, we have become very aware of each other.

Q. The title track of your new album is a ballad music '12:30'. Is there any particular reason why you chose '12:30' as your title song?
Yong Jun Hyung: It's not because of our record on music charts. As we showed powerful performance with our song 'Good luck' last June, I wanted to write relaxing music this time. It's not an ordinary ballad, though.

Q. What does '12:30' mean?
Yong Jun Hyung: Like the hands of a clock, It means man and woman who are looking at the opposite ways.
Yang Yo Seob: I told him that the hands of a clock do not make an exact straight line when it's 12:30.
Yong Jun Hyung: I know that, but do not pounce on me, please. It has a symbolic meaning. 12:30 is the time when everything becomes silent and sentimental.

Q. What the other members usually talk about Yong Jun Hyung's own songs?
Yang Yo Seob: Actually, we treat them very cold-heartedly. We don't always like the songs. Some of them are thrown into the wastebasket. We try to be more discreet.

Q. Your new album includes Gi Kwang's own song 'So Hot'. What do you think of the song?
Yong Jun Hyung: Gi Kwang has his own style of writing songs. His song is different from my song. It's hard to evaluate his song. He has something I do not have, and I have something he does not have.
Lee Gi Kwang: Thank you for the compliment. I really like Jun Hyung's songs. I'm deeply thankful for my senior composer Jun Hyung's cool-headed evaluation and warm encouragement.

Q. You've been busy doing your individual activities too. How do you balance your team activity and individual activity?
Yoon Du Jun: As we are still young, I think we have to show fans various different looks. We are busy doing our individual activities, but team activity is always the first priority.
Jang Hyun Seung: The most important thing is our identity. If we have firm identity, we can do anything. I think each Beast member has a distinctive character, and we are creating a synergy effect.
Yang Yo Seob: We focus on our individual activities when we are doing individual activities, and we focus hard on our team activities when we are doing team activities.

Q. Kpop is now popular across the globe. How do you feel?
Yang Yo Seob: When I visit foreign countries, I realize the greatness of kpop. I want to give a big round of applause to all the people working in kpop industry. I think kpop is taking its place beside jpop or American music.

Q. Tell me about your future plan.
Yoon Du Jun: As we have done for the last 5 years, I want to be with our fans who send us love. I think we have lived life to the full. I'm proud of it.

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