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2PM Kicks Off its '2PM World Tour GO CRAZY'

2PM kicked off its world tour.

On October 3, the boy group held its exclusive concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul, marking the beginning of '2PM World Tour GO CARZY'.

At the beginning of the show, 2PM showed energetic performances by singing its hits such as 'Heartbeat', 'Without U', and 'HOT', electrifying 7,000 fans. The 6 members who are well known for their masculine charms, had the audience in the palms of their hands with their intense charisma,

The atmosphere heightened when 2PM started to perform 'Go Crazy' that was released last September. The song based on disco and house music was written by the group's member Jun.K, while it is the first time for 2PM to release an album with its member's own song since the group debuted in 2008. All the fans who know well about this story behind the song, cheered for 2PM louder. After performing the song, 2PM kept up the heat by performing '10 out of 10'.

At the concert, 2PM showed special sub-unit performances too. Taecyeon and Chansung sang 'Saying I love you' and 'Come back', while Jun.K and Wooyoung performed the hip hop piece 'Superman' for the first time. Nichkhun and Junho sang sweet and beautiful song 'Love it true'.

It was impressive that all the fans sang along to the group's songs and shouted altogether throughout the concert. Overseas fans showed their enthusiasm too.(I think large numbers of the overseas fans were from Japan.)

2PM enlivened the stage by performing 'Comeback when you hear this song', 'A night like tonight', 'Hands up', 'A.D.T.O.Y', 'Beautiful', 'Again & Again', 'I hate you', 'Tired of waiting', 'As soon as', and 'I'll be back', proving its capability as a seasoned Kpop star.

After 2PM finished performing 'Game over', the audience shouted, "Encore!" and the 6 members appeared on the stage again, singing 'Goodbye trip'. The group made a grand finale of the show by performing a club version of 'Hands up' and crazy version of 'Go crazy'.

The members stated, "Thanks to our fans, we can continue with music. The fans are really great encouragement to us. We're so happy."

2PM will hold '2PM World Tour GO CARZY' in various countries of the world including Thailand, China, the United States, and Indonesia.

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