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APink Talks About its Upcoming Reality Program 'APink's Showtime'

On August 6, a production presentation for MBC every1's 'APink's Showtime' was held in Seoul, while the APink members, except for Jung Eunji who are busy filming her drama 'Trot Lovers', attended the event. Through the reality program to be aired from August 7, it is expected that APink will unveil its natural routines.

Q. What is it like appearing on 'APink's Showtime'?
Chorong: I like a reality program and wanted to appear on the program with the APink members. I think it's a good chance.
Bomi: It's happy to appear on a reality program and I will enjoy filming the program.
Namjoo: Through the program, we will be able to be close to the public.

Q. Why did you cast the APink members?
Yoon Mijin(producer of APink's Showtime): It's third season of the program, and we needed a change. Why APink? It's a matter of course. APink is the hottest girl group in 2014.

Q. EXO appeared on the first season of the program, while Beast was cast in the second season. How will you differentiate yourselves from the two boy groups?
Chorong: We are all females, and I think we have vivacious charm. We will show unique character of APink.
Bomi: We will show our natural routines, which will be thought to be excessive as a girl group.
Naeun: I think all the APink members are so gluttonous. You will be able to see the members helping themselves to foods liberally.
Bomi: We are well known for our gluttony, but I want to evade a question about how much we can eat meat.
Namjoo: Season 1 was aired in winter, while season 2 was aired in spring. Our program is aired in summer, and you will be able to see how Kpop girl group spends the summer.

Q. Did the Beast members give any advice to you about the program?
Hayoung: I met Yong Junhyung and he said that I have to show myself plainly. I will break away from the routine of my daily life. Thanks to the program, I became able to go on a waterside excursion.
Naeun: When I recently filmed the program at a water park, I had such a great time, but I'm worried if I was like a drowned rat.
Chorong: The Beast members said that there's no editing and all the scenes will be aired.

Q. What do you think is the biggest reason that so many female fans like APink?
Chorong: I think female fans treat us as their sister, not an entertainer. We are at ease with our fans, and unlike other girl groups, we don't have the aura of entertainer. I think female fans like our casual style.
Hayoung: We do not wear expensive clothes. We like to wear sweatsuit and padding wear. And we wear snickers, instead of high heels. I think fans feel comfortable with us.

At the event, reporters asked the APink members to express their passion for the program, and the members showed off their dance skills as you can see in the picture below.


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