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T-ara's Hyomin Tells about Her First Solo Album and Jiyeon

T-ara's Hyomin released her first ever solo album on June 30. A total of 3 songs including the title track 'Nice body' are included in her mini album 'Make up'. Right before releasing the album, she held a meeting with reporters and talked about her solo album. She looked a little bit nervous but did her best to explain about her album.

Q. Tell me about your title track 'Nice body'.
Hyomin: The song is a slow tempo hip hop track. It really goes well with summer. Actually, when I heard about the song for the first time, I felt uncomfortable because there are so many people who have nice body. I worried about singing and choreography, of course, but exercise and diet were really matters of concern to me. I did cross fit and a calorie-controlled diet. For about a week since I began to exercise, I took to my bed due to a severe muscle pain.

Q. Your costume in the music video of 'Nice body' is quite impressive.
Hyomin: I wanted to express the concept of 'Nice body' well. It's sporty costume. And I've also thought over numbers to be printed on the costume. I decided to print '34, 24, 36' on costume, which is an ideal body size of women. I measured body size of myself, and it was not easy to be fit for the bust size 34. I tried to breathe deeply.

Q. Last month, your team mate Jiyeon also released her solo album. What did she tell you?
Hyomin: All the T-ara members cheered me up. Actually, when I heard that Jiyeon and I will release our solo album, I felt sorry for the last members. However, they encouraged and supported me. I had telephone conversation with Jiyeon yesterday, and she told me that I might feel nervous after releasing solo album. We promised to each other that we would not cling to the outcome and just try to do our best on stage.

Q. Just like Jiyeon's song, your song is sexy too. Are there any differences between Jiyeon's performance and yours?
Hyomin: Jiyeon is the youngest among T-ara members, so she tried show mature image through her song. I want to show healthy, cute and sexy performance. I prepared for lots of special performances.

Q. Tell me about your special performance.
Hyomin: I use tape measure, stairs and stand bar for the performance. I worried about the performance a lot because it is the first time for me to hit the stage without T-ara members. As you know, T-ara has shown a variety of concepts on stage and it was hard to find something we did not once. I wanted to bring out the best in me.

Q. Do you think your performance will be better than Jiyeon's?
Hyomin: Well, since she kicked off her promotional activity for her solo album, I watched her every performance on various music chart shows. After her first performance, I text messaged '100 out of 100'. I was so proud of her. I want to show as good performance as her. I'm older than her, so I'll add skillfulness to my performance.

Q. You have your own song 'Overcome' in the album.
Hyomin: The song is my first ever own song. I began to work on the music by way of a joke, but wanted to do it better. I hope that many people, including me, can overcome hardships after listening to the song. I wanted to include unusual song in my solo album.

Q. Are there any artists who have a influence on your solo album?
Hyomin: I watched many videos of many stars. Especially, I watched Lee Hyori's performance a lot. I wanted to model myself after her because she is always confident.


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