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Psy & Snoop Dogg Teaches Korean Drinking Culture

Psy released his new song 'Hangover' on June 9. Have you all listened to the song? How do you like it?

First of all, let's check out the music video for 'Hangover'.

Yeah, the music is original and interesting.(Some of you may not like it though.)

Actually, the music video includes the drinking culture of Korea. It is interesting to see Snoop Dogg experiencing Korean drinking culture with Psy in Korea.(The two guys has filmed the video for 18 hours without a break.)

Psy is regarded as an adult entertainment icon in Korea because he is well know for his freewheeling life style. And for this reason, he has been chosen as a model for Soju(Korean alcohol) and beer brands. Let me tell you all about Korean drinking culture.

So Maek

This scene shows how Korean people makes 'So Maek'(Soju+Maekju). 'Maekju' means beer, and Psy is now dropping soju glasses in beer glasses. As you can in the picture below, the most important thing when making 'So Maek' is measuring the quantity of beer. You have to fill the beer glass halfful.

How does 'So Maek' taste? It has a little higher percentage of alcohol than beer, and really goes down nicely.(I love 'So Maek'.) And the reason why Psy makes so many 'So Maek' at once? Well, you can say it's just for fun. Korean males usually do this at a hostess bar and it is very effective at livening up the mood.

Convenience Store

This scene is quite interesting too. The place is Korean convenience store, and what the two guys are doing is relieving a hangover. Korean young people sometimes do this after being loaded with alcohol. The green bottles between Psy and Snoop Dogg are famous Korean beverages for relieving a hangover titled 'Condition', while Psy was a model for the brand in 2012. What Psy is eating is an instant cup ramen which is regarded as a great food for relieving a hangover, and Snoop Dogg is about to eat seaweed covered rice snack.(It is making Korean convenient store's best selling product list.)


The karaoke scene! You can see Big Bang's G-Dragon in the picture. Yeah, he's cute. 

Psy and Snoop Dogg are dancing with women they met in a drinking house.(Actually, it was a Chinese restaurant, and Korean people sometimes go to the restaurant to drink.) It is a kind of natural procedure for Koreans to go to karaoke after drinking in a drinking house. Sometimes Korean males pay for calling female assistants at a karaoke if there is no female company. What do female assistants assist in? Well, choosing songs, pouring drinks and something more.

The two beautiful girls who appeared in Karaoke scene! The two are models Hwang Hyun Joo and Jung Ha Eun. The interesting is that both of them auditioned Onstlye's 'Korea's Next Top Model' aired in 2013 and they were on bad terms with each other at that time. After then, they have been reconciled with each other and are now receiving great attention from Koreans by appearing in the music video. Check out Hwang Hyun Joo and Jung Ha Eun's pictures below.


This is what you have to do before drinking Soju. They are hitting the necks of the bottles. It is not proven scientifically and I think it's kind of superstition, but, anyway, some people believe that such an action help remove toxins from Soju.

And one more thing. As you can see in the picture, Psy is toasting Snoop Dogg with a glass of Soju very politely. Korea has been called "the well-mannered country of the East," and it is considered to be impolite to offer a toast with one hand in front of one's elders. Snoop Dogg is 6 years older than Psy, and Psy has to call him 'Hyung'(Older brother) in Korea.

Pull Hall & Jajangmyeon

It is also a kind of natural procedure for Korean males to go to pull hall after drinking in a drinking house. Koreans usually play a friendly game of pool, and just like Psy does in the picture above, eat a jajangmyeon(black-bean-sauce noodles). Jajangmyeon is originally a Chinese food, but it is very popular in Korea because it's fast and cheap. You can order jajangmyeon everywhere in Korea, and I'm sure that it will be delivered just in 20 minutes.
Wolmido Island

This place is Wolmido Island, where is a famous travel destination in Korea. It is located in Incheon, and is couples' favorite place because it has amusement park as you can see above and there are many sushi restaurants around there. The representative ride of the amusement park is 'Disco Pang Pang'. Psy and Snoop Dogg are riding 'Disco Pang Pang' in the picture below. It spins fast, bouncing people "pang, pang"(pop, pop). 


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