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Lee Hyori's Special Communication with Fans through her Blog

Lee Hyori has been a top female Kpop star for more than 10 years since her debut in 1998. She drew great attention from fans by showing off her good looks and outstanding performance. Well, by the way, she is now getting a lot of attention with her blog(, proving that she is still a super star. Let's talk about the reason why people are so interested in Lee Hyori's blog.

Lee Hyori made her blog on May 27. After getting married to a musician Lee Sangsoon last year, she set up her home in Jeju and started to share her everyday life through the blog. At the blog, she talks about dinner menu, landscape and pet dog. She cooks and eats bibimbap, with her unpainted face. She just looks like ordinary woman, not a super star.
Actually, there are not a few Kpop idol stars who communicate with their fans through SNS. They also share their everyday life just like Lee Hyori, but it doesn't look as natural as Lee Hyori. In the photos which are revealed through idol stars' SNS, the stars are made up and dressed up. It looks like they are living in an accessorised world.

In that sense, Lee Hyori's blog is special. She shares all the thoughts of ordinary women including a story about sanitary pad. People are now enthusiastic about her plain and natural charm.

As media develops, the way that entertainers promote themselves is diversifying. Recently, many Kpop stars try to appear in TV reality programs to promote themselves.(EXO's Showtime, Winner's WIN, GOT7's I GOT 7, etc.) Through reality programs, Kpop stars can appeal the public by showing their natural looks.

By the way, more than 4 million people have visited Lee Hyori's blog in a month. And the blog's posts are being reproduced through various articles. So, her blog is causing much greater publicity effect than TV reality programs.

As Lee Hyori's blog is gaining great popularity among people, there are many people who personally visit Lee Hyori's home in Jeju, which is quite stressful for her. On June 28, Lee Hyori tweeted, "Dear tourists, I'm sorry but my home is not a tourist route. Doorbell and alarm bell ring dozens of times a day, and we are under a lot of stress now. Even if you are curious about many things, I ask you for understanding."

Lee Hyori debuted in 1998 as a member of girl group Fin.K.L and was named 'Sexy Queen' after releasing her solo album.

However, she was a little bit different from other sexy queens because she spoke up about social issues and took the head in protecting abandoned dogs. After getting married, she refused to live in a busy city and moved to a beautiful island, Jeju.

Through her blog, Lee Hyori is giving people lessons about life which is very meaningful to modern people.

Revealing a photo of her husband and herself, she stated, "Honey, where are we going? / We're going to somewhere we want to go. / We don't know the route and it's going to be very far from here. Is it going to be OK? / We can slow down if we are too tired. / Yeah, we will not get bored because we are together."

And revealing a photo of her pet dog Soonshim and herself, she said, "Soonshim, aren't you frightened? / No, it's just dark. / Where do you want to go? / Well, to somewhere quieter than here. / By the way, isn't it going to be lonely to live without TV and automobile? / Mother, you don't feel lonely if you have TV and automobile? / I do not feel lonely if I'm with you. Yeah, Soonshim, let's go far away."


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