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Kpop Album Review: BEAST Comes Back with its New Song 'Good Luck'

BEAST(B2ST) released its new mini album 'Good Luck' on June 16. The album includes a total of 7 songs, while it has been about a year since the group released its second full album 'Hard to love, How to love' last July.

The title track is 'Good Luck'. The song begins with main vocal Yang Yoseob's attractive high note part and is about a man who tells his ex-girlfriend to be happy. Through the song, Yang Yoseob proves that he is one of the best Kpop idol vocalists, capturing listeners' ears with his mournful voice. In the world of Kpop industry, he is well known for his outstanding singing skill that vivifies feelings of all the songs he sings.

And through the music video of 'Good Luck', the Beast members show splendid dance performance. After being released, the song ranked high on various online music charts and it is expected that the group will be able to top a variety of TV music chart shows in consideration of fan base of Beast and rival groups who recently released their new albums.

However, the song leaves something to be desired.

The members are talented and have their own individuality. There are so many Kpop idol groups, but very few of them can definitely deliver each member's voice. Actually, voices of most idol group members sound alike, and it is not easy for them to have their own style of singing. In that sense, Beast can be regarded as level-best Kpop idol group.

Add to this, the Beast members have been active in their individual activities. Yang Yoseob released his solo album and Yong Junhyung is well known for his talent in writing songs, while Yoon Dujun, Lee Gikwang and Son Dongwoon have been showing off their talents in the world of dramas and variety shows. Jang Hyunseung formed Trouble Maker with sexy female star Hyuna.

Through Beast's hit such as 'Beautiful Night', the members showed off individuality, and that was the strongpoint of the group. However, it looks like that kind of strongpoint is being weakened as time goes by. The group's former hit 'Shadow' was attractive, of course, but it was not enough to show off the members' individuality sufficiently. And when they sing 'Good Luck', they look still gorgeous, but I can't see their individuality any more. I can't catch the difference between Beast and other young Kpop boy groups.

Yeah, I might have too high expectation about Beast's new album. But I want to tell them to keep in mind that their rivals are top Kpop idol groups such as Big Bang and SHINee, not young rookie groups.

First track's 'We Up' and third track's 'Dance with U' have cheerful melody and both of them are composed by Yong Junhyung. Through these two songs, the members shows off their singing skills they had mastered up for for 5 years since their debut in 2009.

I'm sure that you've already listened to 'No more' because the song was unveiled even before the album was released. The ballad track has sweet melody and includes mournful and gloomy feelings about parting. The song is the most impressive track of the album because it maximizes the charms of the members' voices.

Lee Gikwang took part in composing and writing 'History'. Many of you might wonder what kind of music he wrote. Well, as he is one of the most talented dancers in the idol world, he wrote the music that is very suitable for dancing to. It's not a quick tempo music, but it has attractive groove.

Sixth track's 'Tonight, I'll be at your side' is a song about parting, but it's totally different from 'No More'. 'Tonight, I'll be at your side' has fairy-tale lyrics and pure sensibility. And seventh track's 'Sad Movie' is the Korean version of the group's song by the same title that was released in Japan. It is a dance track that has gloomy feelings, and as you can know from 'No More', the members' voices are very becoming on mournful and gloomy music.


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