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Yoochun & Hongki's Actual Hallyu Power in China

Korean dramas are becoming popular abroad and Kpop idols are receiving attention from international fans by appearing in many dramas that were exported around the world. This is particularly evident in China. Famous idol stars such as JYJ's Park Yoochun and FT Island's Lee Hongki are enjoying incredible popularity in China.

There are several reasons why Television station tries to cast idol star as a leading role of its drama, but the first is the idol's marketing power. The drama starring idol star can be in an advantageous position for overseas export.

SBS' drama 'Three Days', starring Park Yoochun, was exported to China even before the broadcast. The export price of the drama was an all-time high, which surpassed the export price of popular drama 'My love from the star'.

TV Chosun's drama 'Bride of the century', starring Lee Hongki, also was able to be exported to various countries in Asia, North America and South America, thanks to the idol star's popularity. The drama is going to be remade in China through a joint production between Korean and Chinese production companies.

The two stars are receiving enthusiastic response from Chinese fans.

According to C-Jes entertainment, Park Yoochun's agency, Yoochun's fan community in China's portal Baidu has more than 230,000 members, while Chinese fans offered coffee to staff members of Yoochun's drama.

The fans also raised 200 million won(about 190,000 dollars) and purchased an outdoor billboard located at a shopping center in Beijing. The advertisement says, "365 days, 8760 hours, 525600 minutes, 31536000 seconds. We miss you everyday. We pray for the success of Yoochun's new drama 'Three Days'."

Meanwhile, Lee Hongki took the first place at the survey asking "If Korean actor's fan meeting event is held in China, who do you want to meet?"

The official from FNC entertainment, Lee Hongki's agency, stated, "Lee Hongki has been gaining popularity as a member of FT Island in China. But after the broadcast of the drama, he became to receive recognition as an actor too."

In the entertainment world, Park Yoochun and Lee Hongki are being acknowledged as competitive actors. Check out the comments below.

"From the beginning, I had great expectations for Yoochun's performance. Well, I got a big surprise again and again when I saw him acting. He has ability to analyze the script and react instantly. Especially, he moves his body rhythmically at the action scenes, which makes the scenes look better."
-Shin Kyung Soo(Producer of 'Three Days')

"Hongki has good sense of acting. At the beginning of the drama, he just sensed what he has to do in the drama. Thanks to his Hallyu power, the drama is gaining popularity abroad."
-Yoon Sang Ho(Producer of 'Bride of the century')


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