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Kpop Stars Now Need Collaborations

Various artists' collaborations are now active in the world of Kpop. As you can see in the case of the song 'Some' sung by Sistar's Soyou and male singer JunggiGo, collaborative work between Kpop artists can achieve more than expected. The song was released on February 7 and has remained at the top of a variety of online music charts for months.

As collaborative works among Kpop singers are increasing, it seems that collaboration has become an essential part of the singers' activities. Let's talk about collaboration fever in Kpop world.

Back-To-Back Success of Sweet Duet Songs
As I mentioned above, Soyou and JunggiGo's 'Some' has been gaining great popularity among Kpop fans, while it is a back-to-back success for Soyou who already has made another big hit with the duet song 'Stupid in Love', sung by Soyou and rapper Mad Clown, last year.

Recently, Hyolyn, Soyou's team mate, also did a collaborative work with Mad Clown, and their song 'Without you' is catching popularity.

Actually, there is something in common among all of these songs. The songs are about man and woman who take different stance on love and parting, which means male and female singers' duet can be of help to carry the main themes of the songs.

According to the officials, there are moves to discover new attractive Kpop duo just like Soyou & JunggiGo and Hyolyn & Mad Clown in the world of Kpop, because the Kpop industry workers came to know the fact that sweet duet song can capture fans' hearts.

Kpop veteran singer Lee Seung Hwan also collaborated with female singer Lee So Eun on his latest song 'I feel on you'.(B2ST's Yong Jun Hyung appears in the song's music video with actress Lee Se Young)

Effective Marketing Strategy
Have you listened to a new Kpop boy group High4's 'Not spring, love, or cherry blossoms'? The song is now so popular in Korea, and it is unusual for a rookie Kpop idol group to rank high on various music charts with its debut single.

Well, IU, who has been maintaining a close relationship with the group's member Kim Sung Goo since her trainee period, featured as a singer in the song, which caused a great publicity effect. With her sweet voice, IU gave a new vitality to the song about loneliness in Spring.

IU also wrote the lyrics of the song and appeared in the music video, giving full support to High4.

According to circumstances, there are not a few Kpop agencies who use this kind of strategy. It can be an effective marketing strategy for new singers to collaborate with top stars.

Veteran's New Challenge
Lena Park, one of the most popular R&B female singers in Korea, has collaborated with a composer Postino, who belongs to the producing team Team89, for her latest album. Through the collaboration, Lena Park shows totally new style of music that she has never tried since her debut. The title track 'Double kiss' is a rhythmical electronic music.

Lee Sun Hee, a female veteran singer who released her new album in March, 2014, also moved on to fresh challenge by collaborating with young artists. Her song 'Around the town' was composed by Double Kick and featured by rapper Kanto of Troy. Double Kick is well known for his collaborative works with idol stars such as Sistar(Give it to me), Girl's Day(Something) and APink(Mr. Chu).

It is essential for pop singers to follow the latest fashions, and the veteran singers are making constant efforts to keep in tune with young artists.


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