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Kpop Album Review: Akdong Musician's Shocking Debut

Akmu(Akdong Musician), the winner of SBS' 'Kpop Star 2' and the new duo of YG entertainment, made a debut with its first regular album 'Play'. Do you remember 'You are attractive' and 'Don't cross your leg' sung by the duo at the audition? OK, before talking about Akmu's debut album, let's watch the video for 'Don't cross your leg' first.

Even before releasing the album, Akmu received great attention from people because they have already showed their outstanding musicality through the audition program.

Well, the album that has a total of 11 tracks composed and written by member Lee Chan Hyuk, is just amazing. The 18-year-old boy, who produced all the songs in the album, proved that he has more than enough qualities to take the lead in the world of Kpop.

First track's 'Give Love' is a cheerful song that has popular appeal. "(Give Love) Give me love (Give Love) I'm lacking in love." The chorus is catchy and lively.

Second track's '200%' is one of the double title tracks of the album. The song also has a catchy chorus such as "It must be L.O.V.E 200 percent, sure of that I want you really I mean really." With a cheerful rhythm, the lyrics catch listeners' ears. Other lyrics such as "I like you, really. My red-ripe face proves it" show Akmu's fresh expressiveness.

Third track's 'Melted', the other title track, is a calm song about adult world. As teenagers, Akmu talks about adult world this way. "I hope the cold of adult world also decrease. I hope the frozen love is melted and flow down." Actually, the song's Korean title is 'Eoreumdeul', which means ices, and it can allude to 'Eoreundeul', which means adults. Akmu sings, "Ices are so cold, cold.."

The reason why Akmu is special is that their music has its own unique style and charm. Genre and material of Akmu's music are totally different from those of average Kpop idol groups. Akmu's music seems to be a raw stuff that has no additives at all. Of course, depending on one's taste, there can be many people who like other idol groups' songs better.

Akmu sings songs on a variety of subjects. 4th track's 'On the subway' is the song about very mixed group of individuals on the subway, while 5th track's 'Parting' is a funky and sweet music piece about a girl who changed her hair style. In 6th track's 'Artificial grass', Akmu describes artificial grass as a symbol of a free life, and sings about bullying in 7th track's 'Hello'. 9th track's 'Anyway' is the song about people passing by on the roadway, and 10th track's 'Material' is a cheerful dance music which includes Akmu's worries about writing songs.

Although Akmu is a duo comprised of two teenagers, their music stimulates emotions of elder people too. Let's see the lyrics of 'On the subway'.

"During busy commuting hours, closely packed with suits and school uniforms. There's no place to put my feet. The view of jammed subway train. The subway is a tabloid edition of the world."

Anyone who’s ever used subway can sympathize.

And here are the rap lyrics. It's the lyrics of 'Hello'. To check out the rhyme, let's see the romanized lyrics.

"Neul Naegeman Ttokgateun Taedo, Naegeman Deuriweojin Shadow, Ireobeorin Gwedo e Holo Pado Soge Namgyeojin Baedo."

With the words like Taedo(attitude), Shadow, Gwedo(orbit), Pado(surf) and Baedo(ship too), Akmu made rhythmic sounds. It is fresh and creative.

Well, besides Lee Chan Hyuk's outstanding song writing skill, his 15-year-old sister Lee Soo Hyun's singing skill is startling too. When she sings cheerful songs like 'Give Love' and '200%', she shows off her lively voice. But, in the calm songs like 'Melted', you can confirm that she also has a mature voice. She looks like a veteran singer who has experienced a variety of stages for at least 10 years.

So, how do you like Akmu's songs? :)


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