IU to Make a Comeback with Remake Album in May

IU will make a comeback with remake album in May.

According to Loen Tree entertainment, the singer will release her first ever remake album next month. Through the album, IU will reinterpret the past hit songs with her own characterful vocal tone and musical sensibilities.

IU will also hold a series of concerts, titled 'Just one more step..just that' at Sogang University’s Mary Hall, Seoul. The hall is a little theater which can accommodate only 455 audiences, while the singer will focus on communicating with fans. The concert will be held 8 times from May 22 to June 1.

Loen Tree said "You will be able to meet IU singing in fresh and beautiful voice like spring breeze. IU is preparing for a new type of performance which can deliver good music more intimately."

Meanwhile, IU released her third regular album 'Modern Times' in October 2013 and recently was featured as a singer in rookie boy group High4's debut song 'Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms'.

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