Kpop Review: Toheart(Woohyun x Key)'s 1st Album

Infinite and SHINee has joined efforts through a special project. Infinite's Woohyun and SHINee's Key formed a new Kpop duo 'Toheart' and released their first mini album on March 10.

Toheart is the first cooperation project between SM Entertainment and Woollim Entertainment since SM acquired Woollim in 2013. The reason why Woohyun and Key were chosen as the first two of the cooperation project is that the two friends were both born in 1991 and they are likely to create a synergy effect. 3 years ago, Woohyun and Key became intimate by appearing in same radio program.

Toheart's first album includes a total of 6 tracks. The album consists of the songs that can maximize the attractions of the two competitive idol vocalists.

The title track 'Delicious' is a funky pop piece. In the song, Woohyun and Key have confrontation with each other because of their love for the same woman. Their singing style is vital and energetic. Unlike Woohyun and Key focused on teamwork as members of Infinite and SHINee, it seems that the two will be able to show off their individual charm through the activities of Toheart.

Before the album release, fans' greatest interest was the group's concept because Infinite and SHINee have different styles of music. As a result, Toheart has made a entirely new team color, which is completely different from that of Infinite and SHINee.

The album reinterpreted 1980's vintage music. The third track 'Maze' is suggestive of 1990's pop boy band, while the final track 'Departure' is a remake version of 1980's song of the same title sung by Korean folk duo Some Day.
By including the folk music piece 'Departure' in the album, Toheart proved that the two members can deal with a wide variety of genres. They stimulate sensitivity of listeners.

Toheart creates a sweet harmony through R&B track 'You're my lady' and a mournful song 'Tell me why', showing a refined expression about love and parting.

As Toheart took the successful first step, it is expected that SM and Woollim's another cooperation project will be revealed soon.

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