K-Much Holds its First Fan Meeting Event

New Kpop boy group K-Much held its first fan meeting event.

K-Much, the quintet boy band also called as 'Snakehead'(K-mul-chi), met with 200 fans at Bear Hall, Seoul, on March 1.

The group has marked the start of the event with its debut song 'Good to go', and the members showed off individual charm by showing their solo stage performance.

Member Loki sang Rain's 'Love Story', while Ato and Bornus performed Verbal Jint's 'You look good'. Bornus also performed freestyle rap with G.Low, and main vocalist Kiu sang Ra.D's 'Mom', breaking down in tears.

At the end of the event, they had commemorative photographing with fans and presented their cherished things.

Meanwhile, K-Much debuted in early 2014 and is known as the 'male version of Crayon Pop' because the two teams are in same agency.

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