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Kpop Stars' Rumors: Plastic Surgey, Sex Scandal, etc.

Working as a Korean entertainment journalist, I can hear rumors about Kpop stars from the people involved in Korean music scene. Of course, rumors are just rumors. The rumors may contain wrong information. However, some of them are trustworthy because there is convincing evidence of it. Here are some rumors about Kpop stars. Please figure out who they are!

A Girl Gets Acupucture for Breast Enlargement
○…A girl group member who is one of the sexy icons in Korea has been getting acupuncture for breast enlargement. She wanted to be a glamorous sexy star, and decided to visit Chinese acupuncture and herbal clinic. She got acupuncture instead of breast enlargement operation because it makes the breast get bigger inch by inch. As getting acupuncture constantly, she has been so popular among guys because of her perfect body.

Is She a Hoochie?
○…There is a rumor that a female KPop singer is a hoochie. She has been dating so many K-Pop stars since she debuted. She even dated more than 5 different members who are in the same boy group. There also had been a fight among the boy group members because of her. Here's an episode. She suddenly took a boy group member to emergency exit , and she covered him with deep kisses.

A Trainee Killer
○…A member of Kpop top girl group has been dating many trainees. She used to talk to her fellow members, "Why are you trying to find a man outside the agency? Look at me. It's more easy to date man who are in the same agency." Even before making a debut, she was famous for dating her fellow trainees. Of course, she also has experience in dating other K-Pop singers who are not in the same agency.

An Actress Aborts Kpop Star's Child
○…A famous Korean actress had aborted K-Pop star's child. She had a close relationship with the man who is in K-Pop boy group. Well, they spent many nights together and she became pregnant. As worrying about each other's future as prominent entertainer, they were not able to give birth to a baby. And after the pregnancy, she transplanted a contraceptive chip in her body.

○…The members of a K-Pop boy group have been dating the members of a girl group by turns. After a couple broke up, they got something going again with each other's fellow memebers. It means, of course, one share a bed with another who had been his fellow member's girl friend. Do you think this is possible? Well, I think they don't care about it at all.

A Female Singer Has Sex with her Body Guard
○…A famous K-Pop female singer has had sex with her body guard at a karaoke.The more shocking fact is that she was dating a Kpop male singer at the same time, and he already knew about her promiscuous privacy. He loved her so much that he overlooked her faults. However, She said good-bye to him from cold. He sobbed and ran around like a chicken with its head cut off.

A Plastic Surgery Fail
○…A member of K-Pop girl group had plastic surgery without her agency's permission. She didn't like her looks and had the sugery at her own expense. It made the agency angry when she appeared in front of people with her totally changed face. She eventually had to get surgery again to recover her natural face.

Commits Suicide Because of a Girl
○…A famous K-Pop boy group member caused a scene on the roof of the building by threatening to commit suicide because of the girl he loved. This is how it is. He loved the girl so much, but she had an affair with another guy who is a popular actor in Korea. He approached the girl intentionally even though he already knew that the girl was dating another guy. After that, the agency of the Kpop star decided to release a new album of another prominent K-Pop star to cover up the incident.

A Girl Cohabits with Old Man
○…A member of K-Pop girl group is cohabiting with a Kpop singer who is twenty years older than her. The interesting thing is that she did this in the past too. She had been dating another K-Pop singer who is a lot older than her. People are talking in whispers that she has sex with old people for money. Well, she is pretty, but her mind seems to be too Tiffany-twisted.

He is Douted As a Gay!
○…A K-Pop boy group member is being douted as a gay. Unlike other boy group members who are busy picking up girls, he just enjoys the time with guys. He is dainty and feminine boy. Moreover, he never stays at the same accommodation with his male fellow members.

A Deep Relationship with a Baseball Player
○…A K-Pop girl group member has gone through some trouble because of her deep connection with Korean pro baseball player. She slept together with the player and the news about the two has been noised abroad. One day, She ran into the player's team mate, and pushed the panic button when he had a wicked smile. Eventually, she had to beseech him not to spread the rumor.

She is too Haughty
○…A KPop girl group is too haughty. The group is not the highest level K-Pop girl group, but the members has been dating the members of the highest level K-Pop boy bands. The members usually talk behind other girl group's back, and ignore their inferiors. Wake up, girls!

Home Problems
○…A top K-Pop singer's mother is a chronic headache to him. His mother is a troublemaker wherever she goes. Relying on her son, she is always holding her head high. He has changed his phone number many times to wash his hands of her, but it was no use. He now has severe depressions.

The Man Found on the Same Bed with a Model
○…A K-Pop singer was found on the same bed with a female model. He and the female model have visited foreign country for TV show recording. After wrapping up the recording, early the next morning, the model's manager visited her hotel room to check if she woke up. However, there was nobody in the room! Actually, the model was in the singer's room, and the two already have sent the night together.

Immoral Intimacy
○…A former K-Pop idol star is deeply in love with a married woman. Her husband also has gotten know about the relationship, and the marriage has found itself at an awkward impasse. However, he is enjoying an active life as if nothing had happened.

Seducing Girls
○…A new K-Pop boy group is notorious for making a pass at female idols. The group's members usually make a bet on who is going to succeed in seducing woman. Actually, the women are the victims because the group members have no real interest in talking to women. They just want to flaunt. Girls, keep away from the group!

A Girl Habitually Smokes Marijuana
○…A member of K-Pop girl group habitually smokes marijuana. As you know, it is illegal to smoke marijuana in Korea. Actually, she is an illegal dealer in hemp and she provides her agency fellows with marijuana. She has been very popular among male fans with her innocent and pure image. Well, it was an insincere smile. Don't be fooled by her appearances.

She Aborted the Child When She was a Teenager!
○…A K-Pop girls group member has aborted a child of a K-Pop boy group member when she was a teenage girl. The two had been deeply involved with each other since they were trainees. She loved him from the bottom of her heart. However, unfortunately, He thought that she was no more than a great sex partner. The girl had no choice but to abort a child.

Love Blossom
○…A K-Pop girls group member is dating a talented singer. Love blossomed between the two, filming a TV drama together. Interesting thing is that she has an obsession about perfect love. Even though having cute and attractive appearance, she often terrifies her boyfriend. The singer is thinking about breaking up with her because of her obsessive personality.

The Girl Miserably Rejected
○…A member of K-Pop girl group was miserably rejected by a K-Pop boy group member. She has been famous for her disorderly life since she was a highschool student. She recently set the boy as her target and has been all over him at the back stage, wearing gaudy stage costumes. However, he was horrified by her, and asked his agency to stop her from getting in his waiting room.

Falling in Love At First Sight
○…A K-Pop girl group member is dating her senior K-Pop star. He fell in love with her at first sight. With his persistent efforts to win her heart, he finally became her boyfriend. However, he has a somewhat murky past that she doesn't know yet. He had had his female cohabitant before, and he often knocked her block off that she fainted. Well, will she be OK?

Her Evild Deed
○…A member of K-Pop girl group was expelled from the team because she left her fellow member out in the cold and beat her. Because of her evil deed, the victim always has been discouraged at the back stage. Well, a bigger problem is that the rest members are still putting the girl on one side even after the wicked girl's withdrawal.

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