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About Kpop Idols' Girlfriends & Boyfriends : Whom do they date?

SHINee's Taemin and APink's Naeun have been appearing on 'We Got Married' as virtual husband and wife.
K-pop idol stars’ romance always draws lots of attention from people. You know, it is human nature to want love, and the young bloods want love too.

However, most of the k-pop agencies do not want its artists to date somebody because the stars' pure and innocent image could be damaged by a love scandal. Especially, a love scandal could be very fatal to female idols in Korea because there still are many Korean people who have very conservative and traditional ideas about females’ dating and marriage. You know, IU has been annoyed by public criticism after being mixed up in a love scandal with Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.

For this reason, most of the k-pop idols try to have romantic relationship with somebody very secretly, unbeknownst to their agencies, while a fair number of k-pop stars date someone in the same field because it helps them avoid publicity.

So, many things happen at k-pop chart shows such as “M Countdown” and “Music Bank” because all the k-pop idols gather there every week. And the idol star athletics championships which is held every year is a great chance for the idols to build a romantic relationship with each other too. Even though the staff members of their agency keep a close watch on them, they use clever schemes to get love. The boys and girls exchange hearts at their eyes, and they exhibit hand signals too. Some of them express their love for somebody even during the stage performance by winking at their lovers or making a heart with their hands. And as many of them do not have their cell phones, they usually use SNS or instant messengers to communicate with each other.

Actually, there sometimes is a love broker who hooks male and female idols up. The broker, who is also a k-pop idol, has a large network of relationships, and he helps the idols meet at a secret place. The broker usually has a very close relationship with idol stars’ stylists because the stylists knows everything about idol stars, including their phone numbers, while it’s not their job to handle the stars’ private lives.

Of course, k-pop idols date actors and actresses too, while some of them date ordinary people or k-pop trainees. In many cases, k-pop idols are introduced to someone who is working in a different field by their friends. But, the interesting thing is that the meeting is not a coincidence, most of the time. If a k-pop idol star is really interested in an actress, he asks all around to find the way to meet her. He sometimes calls her himself or uses his friend to achieve the meeting. And of course, there also are instances that famous actors make the first approaches to female idol stars. As female idols are pretty, young, and fresh, some of the actors hope to date them.

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