Will Jennie of BLACKPINK be the most successful among female solo singers from kpop girl groups?

Jennie of BLACKPINK is making a debut as a solo singer.

The attractive female k-pop idol has already finished filming the music video of her solo debut song, which means her debut is almost ready. When k-pop idols release their new albums, they record their new songs first, and then they practice their choreography. And lastly, they film their music videos. According to YG Entertainment, home to Jennie, her solo debut album will be released soon.

Her chances of success are high. As I've written about before, she is very unique. She's sexy and beautiful, but that's not all. She's cute, and you know, she's really lovely. In addition to her stunning appearance, she's a great singer and rapper too. She's a wannabe star among female fans, and at the same time, she's a dream girl among male fans. There are not many female kpop idols who are loved by both male and female fans.

In addition, she's receiving the full support of YG, one of the biggest and the most influential k-pop agencies. She's now considered as the future of YG, and YG is putting lots of effort into Jennie's successful solo debut. There have been some female k-pop idols who went successfully solo such as Taeyeon of Girls' Generation, Hyuna of 4minute, Suzy of Miss A and Sunmi of Wonder Girls, but it is expected that Jennie will be as successful as, or more successful than them.

So, do you think Jennie will be most successful among female solo singers from kpop girl groups?

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