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Seolhyun and Hyeri face challenges as actresses

It's not unusual these days for k-pop idols to sing and act at the same time. Many of them have debuted as actors or actresses and appeared in dramas. And some of them even achieved bigger success as actors than as singers. Lim Siwan of ZE:A and Lee Joon of MBLAQ are good examples.

Basically, there are two reasons why k-pop idols begin their acting career. First, to display their versatile talents. Every idol who has versatile talent hopes to be active in various fields. Second, to extend their career as entertainers. They can't be active as idol singers for all of their lives, and idols who are unsure about their future determine to find a new route.

Seolhyun and Hyeri are also two of k-pop idols who sing and act at the same time. The two pretty idol stars have appeared in some dramas, and they've been active as CF models too. They're loved by many people, and no doubt, they are two of the most popular k-pop female idols among male fans.

However, it doesn't mean they've become top class actresses. They've been recognized by people in the Korean entertainment industry for their potential, but they are not considered as top class actresses like Jun Jihyun and Song Hyekyo yet. It's basically because of the lack of their experience and acting skills. They're still young, and they may become top class actresses some day.

By the way, many people in the Korean entertainment industry say Seolhyun and Hyeri now face tough challenges as actresses. Do you know why?

Most of k-pop idols begin their acting career by appearing in dramas, not in movies. It's because the Korean drama industry is easier to enter than the Korean movie industry. Many of k-pop agencies have a strong bond with broadcasting companies which produce dramas, and k-pop idols can easily star in dramas thanks to the special bond. They're usually given "customized characters" because they play main characters in dramas. Furthermore, due to time constraints, idols are not required to show perfect acting performance while filming dramas.

However, everything is so different when idols film movies. K-pop agencies are not that influential in the movie industry, and idols are required to show better acting performance because they're given enough time to practice and act. In addition, they usually can't take leading roles in movies, and there are many other actors who are better than them in movies.

So, people in the Korean entertainment world say idols can become real actors only after showing great acting performance in movies. Even though it's never easy to do it, many of k-pop idols who have achieved some measure of success take on a new challenge by appearing in movies. Why? Because they want to be recognized as real actors. If idols want to be recognized as real actors not only by their fans but also by the movie industry experts, they need to prove their acting skills by taking difficult roles to play in movies.

Seolhyun and Hyeri, who had achieved some success as TV stars, took on a new challenge too. They have recently appeared in their new movies "The Great Battle" and "Mostrum". Much attention was focused on the two pretty idol stars' appearance in the movies, but unfortunately, the result was below expectations. Their acting performance was not that good, and they're suffering harsh criticism. They've done good in their dramas, of course, but as I said, acting in movies with great actors is totally different from doing it in dramas.

Again, they're still young, and they may become top class actresses some day, but many people in the Korean movie industry now doubt if they can do it. They need to try harder to prove that they're not just pretty faces.


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