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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 9. Hope


“Sadly, Minho, whose contract with Fish Entertainment has just expired, decided not to renew the contract. He decided to take a fresh start to follow his dreams, and we respect his decision”.

After Minho told Fish Entertainment that he would leave there, the agency made an announcement. And after the announcement, Minho was contacted by several k-pop agencies. It seemed the agencies really wanted to make an exclusive contract with him because he was one of the most popular k-pop idols.

However, the agencies gave up signing with Minho, for some reason. Minho didn’t know why, and he just kept trying to find his new agency.
One day, Minho visited Hawk Entertainment. The CEO of Hawk Entertainment had personally called Minho and asked to have a meeting. It was not a big agency, but he thought the agency was right for him because some of competent solo artists belonged to it.

When Minho opened the door of the office room of Hawk Entertainment’s CEO, he was surprised by what he saw. Daniel Lee was sitting next to the CEO.

“Hey, Minho. It’s been a while” said Daniel Lee, looking at Minho with an evil leer.

“Anyway, it was nice to meet you, Mr. Kim. I think I’d better go now because you two may have many things to talk about” added Daniel Lee, leaving the office room.

After Daniel Lee left the room, an awkward silence hung between Minho and Mr. Kim for a time.

“So, Minho, thank you for coming here” said Mr. Kim, the CEO of Hawk Entertainment, breaking the silence.

“However, I think I can’t sign with you, Minho. I’m sorry” said Mr. Kim, with his head down.

His words left Minho momentarily incapable of speech.

“But, why? You personally called me, and you said you wanted to make a contract with me” said Minho.

“Yes, you’re right. But things have changed since then. I’m sorry again”

“Is it because of Daniel Lee? Did he tell you not to sign with me?” Minho’s voice rose high.

“It’s not because of him. But he told me something about you. You know, he’s been with you for a long time, and he knows you well. We need a talented singer like you, but we don’t need a singer who doesn’t practice enough and is always interested in picking up girls” said Mr. Kim.

“What? What are you talking about?”

Mr. Kim didn’t say any more. However, then Minho could realize what had been happening. Daniel Lee, a veteran k-pop producer had met all the CEOs and spoken ill of Minho to preclude him from taking a fresh start.

Minho stepped out of the room with his shoulders slumped.


“So, why do you want to sign with our agency?” asked Park Donghoon, looking Minho in the face.

Minho, Minjoo and Park Donghoon were sitting in the office room of Park Donghoon.

After hearing all the stories from Minho, Minjoo recommended Park Donghoon to make a contract with him. Minho hesitated to meet Park Donghoon because he was the CEO of his girlfriend’s agency and he was worried that his relationship with Minjoo would be revealed, but he had no other choice.

“I, I heard that you’re an experienced k-pop producer, and I think you can help me to transform into a solo singer” answered Minho.

“Isn’t it because you have no other choice?” asked Park Donghoon.

“No, no. I mean, I don’t know what you heard from CEOs of other k-pop agencies, but all the rumors about me are not true. I’m not that sort of man” Minho looked desperate.

“Ok, it’s alright, Minho. I’ve heard about the rumors, and I know the rumors are not true. That’s how Daniel Lee deals with things” said Park Donghoon, smiling slightly.

Minho felt relieved and could find Park Donghoon a good man.

“So, Minjoo. You recommended me to sign with him. What do you think is his strength?” asked Park Donghoon, looking at Minjoo.

“As you can see, he is really handsome and attractive. And he is a very talented singer. He sings well, and he’s a good dancer too. And he always does his best. He is very sincere” Minjoo did her utmost to try to persuade Park Donghoon. She wanted to be helpful to her boyfriend.

“Yeah, I’ve watched his performance too, and I know he’s a great singer. So, are you ready to take a fresh start, Minho? It won’t be easy. You don’t have your team mates any more, and you’re no longer an idol of a big k-pop agency. Are you sure you can do it?” asked Park Donghoon, looking Minho in the eye.

“Yes, I can do it. I’ll do my best” answered Minho, in a firm voice.

“Ok, let’s sign the contract. We’re all family now” said Park Donghoon, without any hesitation.

“That’s great! Thank you, Mr. Park!” shouted Minjoo, with a big smile.

“Thank you, Mr. Park. I promise I will do my best” said Minho.

While Park Donghoon was looking for the contract paper in his desk drawer, Minho and Minjoo looked at each other with a big happy smile.


Thanks to the success of Lovey Girls, DH Entertainment could raise some money and decided to recruit new trainees. On the first day of the male trainees’ training, Minho and Minjoo visited the practicing room to cheer them up.

“This reminds me of the past” said Minjoo, with a smiling face.

“Yeah, we both were once trainees. Time flies so fast” said Minho.

When Minho and Minjoo entered the practicing room, all the trainees stopped practicing and bowed deeply at the waist. It was their first time to see the two famous idols in person, and they looked so surprised.

“So, how’s your practice going?” asked Minho.

“We’re doing our best!” said the trainees, in a loud voice.

“Ok, that’s great. We’re here to cheer you up. Just consider me as your real brother. Minjoo will treat you chicken and pizza, so enjoy yourselves”

“Yes!” The trainees broke out with a cheer.

“And Minjoo, is there anything you want to talk about?”

“Well, I just want you to do your best. If you make steady and persistent effort, you will achieve your dream one day. I guarantee it. Both Minho and I were once trainees, but we achieved our dreams after years of hard work. Don’t give up”

“Yes, we will!” answered the trainees, in a loud voice.

“And you know we have rules, right? You always have to observe the rules” added Minho.

“Yes!” answered the trainees.

“By the way, Minho, I’m sorry but I have a question” said one trainee, a little constrainedly.

“Yes, what is it?”

“I want to ask your opinion on the rule about dating. I know all the k-pop agencies have similar rules about dating and the rule makes us more focused on our practice. But, what if I have a girl I like? I mean, I don’t have a girlfriend now, but what if I have a girl I like later? You know, love is an emotion, and we sometimes can’t control our emotions”

Minho was lost in thought for a while.

“Well…” said Minho after a short silence.

“As your senior, I have to tell you to observe the rule even though there’s some truth in what you said. As you said, the rule makes you more focused on your practice. But, as your brother, I want to tell you to try to make a wise judgment. If you have a girl you really love, in case you’re sure it’s true love, don’t make her wait. Making her wait for a long time can deeply hurt her”

“Ok…” answered the trainee.

After giving an answer to the trainee’s question, Minho took a peep at Minjoo’s face. A smile spread slowly across her face, but tears glistened in her eyes. Minjoo fought back the tears because there were many trainees who were watching her.

kpop romance minho
"If you have girl you really love, don't make her wait"


Minho and Minjoo were at their practicing room. Minho was preparing for his first ever solo album, and he had been practicing singing and dancing day and night. Minjoo visited the practicing room whenever she had time to give support to her boyfriend.

At break time, Minho and Minjoo sat next to each other.

“So, how’s your practice going?” asked Minjoo.

“Well, not bad. I don’t have my team mates any more, and it’s not easy to do all the things alone, but I think I’m doing fine” said Minho, smiling at Minjoo.

“By the way, why did you say that? You know, when you were asked about the rule about dating” said Minjoo, looking Minho in the face.
“Well…” Minho paused for a moment.

“Because I didn’t want to tell a lie. As I said before, I should have confessed my love to you sooner. And because I lacked courage, I hurt you deeply” said Minho, with a sigh.

“No, you didn’t hurt me. I’m just so thankful. Thank you, Minho” said Minjoo, dropping tears.

“Hey, Minjoo, don’t cry. From now on, we’ll be happy forever. I’ll always be by your side, as I promised. I’ll release my solo album soon, and I’m sure I’ll do great. And you’ll do great with your new album too. There’s nothing to worry about, Minjoo. Ok?” Minho looked into Minjoo’s face with sincere eyes.

“Ok, thank you, and I love you” Minjoo whimpered.

“I love you too” said Minho, putting his arms around her shoulders.

Outside the practicing room, Park Donghoon was watching Minho and Minjoo together. He could notice that they were lovers, of course, but he just left there without saying anything.


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