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Jung Eunji says Apink members have never had a big fight

apink eunji

Q. Tell me about your new solo album "Hyehwa" and the title track "Being There".
Eunji: The theme of the album is "Youth and sympathy". I wanted to deliver the message that "You're not alone". You know, we're consoled when there is someone who feels the same way as us. And "Being There" is a lyrical song. Many people feel nostalgia for something through life, and I wanted to sing about it through the sentimental song.

Q. It's notable that you've produced all the tracks by yourself.
Eunji: Before debuting, I dreamed of becoming a singer because I really wanted to sing. But after debuting, I needed another goal. Many artists these days are trying to create their own identity, and I hoped to do it too. I used to do what my agency wanted me to do, but this time, I did what I wanted to do. I'm not married yet, but it feels like the album is my own kid, haha. I'm so proud, but I'm very nervous too. I learned so much while producing the album.

Q. Your music is quite different from that of other young singers. You know, your songs are very warm and emotional.
Eunji: Well, I want to show myself through my music. When I listened to music for the first time, music was a consolation to me. Both my mom and dad worked outside at that time, and I was at home only with my little brother. I was bored, and I was lonely too. Whenever I was lonely, I was consoled by music.

Q. Why did you title your album "Hyehwa"?
Eunji: When I was very young, I loved to sing. I wanted to show off my singing ability in front of people. And after entering high school, I began to dream of becoming a professional singer. I was attending Hyehwa girls' high school, and I wanted to give a special meaning to the period because I began to dream at the period.

Q. You sing, write songs and act too. What do you want to be called?
Eunji: I'm really happy when people call me singer song writer. I've recently felt frustrated several times because felt great pressure when I sang. I'm thankful that people have very high expectations for me, but I sometimes feel frustrated when I'm in bad condition. I love to sing, of course, but I feel a sense of accomplishment when I write songs and produce my album.

Q. You've successfully finished your solo concert.
Eunji: Holding a concert alone is quite different from performing with the other Apink members. When I'm with the members on the stage, I always need to care about them. But I'm alone on the stage, I can do what I want all the time.

Q. It has been 8 years since you debuted. How do you feel?
Eunji: I feel a big burden because many of girl groups who had debuted around the same time as us were disbanded. But there still are many things for us to do. You know, we tried new things when released "I'm so sick". Actually, we were very nervous before releasing the song because it was the first ever album since the renewal of our contract. We held meetings to make the album better. All the members were so motivated. We had never done such a thing before. We've renewed our contract because we still have many things to do as a team.

Q. What's your relationship with the other Apink members?
Eunji: Frankly speaking, we felt uncomfortable with one other because all of us are very cautious and care too much about other people. However, we have never had a big fight. We've been together for a long time, and we know one another inside out. We can understand one another even if we don't talk much.

Q. You've been doing your individual activity very actively. Didn't you feel a bit sorry for the other members?
Eunji: At first, yes, but actually, we're less interested in one another than you might think, haha. They were not jealous of me, and they didn't speak ill of me either.

Q. Which do you like better, singing or acting?
Eunji: I like both of them. Sometimes it's too much for me because there are so many things I want to do, of course. But I think I'm lucky to have many things to do. I also want to write a book someday because I feel great joy when I write.


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