G-Dragon's Philanthropy

G-Dragon has shown support for numerous charity organizations over the years, notably at the final concert of his world tour in 2013, a booth was erected, where fans could donate to build a fishery in Haiti, as a collaboration with YG Entertainment's With Campaign which he previously worked with to help build a school in Nepal. At the same event he and his fans from 14 different countries around the world donated 9.9 tons of rice, which was sent to help malnourished children, elderly living on their own, and other people in need. He's donated 81.8 million won every year on his birthday. G-Dragon donated 50 million won in 2011 when fans donated under his name and in 2012 privately by himself to Seoul National University Hospital to help children with diseases get treatment, it was revealed accidentally in 2017 as his name was engraved on a plaque honoring those who had contributed 100 million won or more.

G-Dragon has used his image to raise awareness for multiple causes, including the UN Refugee Agency and the Red Campaign to fight AIDS. Additionally, in May 2017, a citrus tree forest was officially opened in the city of Seogwipo on Jeju Island, named after G-Dragon's real name, Kwon Ji Yong. The fruit harvested from the forest will be donated to charity events.

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