[Exclusive] Seohyun asks journalists not to refer to her as "the former Girls' Generation member"

Girls' Generation's Seohyun, who had finished filming her drama "Time", were recently interviewed by various Korean media outlets. She talked about a variety of stories regarding the drama, recalling her memories about the filming process. The beautiful singer and actress, who is well known as a good interviewee, gave her answers to journalists very sincerely, as always, impressing and pleasing many journalists.

What's most impressive about her interview was that she showed deep affection for Girls' Generation. You know, she has left SM Entertainment and is not the big k-pop agency's artist any more, but she emphasized that she's still getting in touch with Girls' Generation members and loves them.

Especially, Seohyun even asked journalists not to refer to her as "the former Girls' Generation member". She said she still belongs to Girls' Generation and Girls' Generation will be forever. Check out what Seohyun said in the interview.

Please never refer to me as "the former Girls' Generation member". We've been always talking about our reunion and new album. Of course, there are practical problems, but we will be together one day. We promised. You know, it has been 10 years since we debuted, and the situation changed, but one thing remains unchanged. We're still Girls' Generation. Even though we're focusing on our individual activities now and three members don't belong to SM any more, we'll get together some day. We still talk about many things in our chat room. When Tiffany recently came to Korea, our chat room was on fire. And when I was filming my drama, the members supported me a lot. When Hyoyeon visited me at the filming spot, I burst into tears because I felt as if I had met my family after a long interval. And of course, I cheered for them when they released their new album. I even recommended their new team name "Soshi Five", haha. I saw the teaser image of Yuri's first solo album too. She was really beautiful. I think it's a great opportunity for her and she's fully prepared for it. Actually, I love them more than I did when I was with them in SM. I'll be with them forever.

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