CF queen Yoona shot as many as 7 more commercials in 2018

Girls' Generation's Yoona is having her heyday as a CF queen.

The beautiful k-pop idol star shot as many as 7 commercials in 2018, which certainly is a very large number. For ordinary idols, it's hard to shoot just one commercial film because there are so many competitors who wish to shoot one. Shooting a commercial film is a dream even for famous idols because it means they're popular and it earns them big money. As a CF queen, Yoona is now the envy of many idols, and yeah, she has earned big money, of course. Below is the list of Yoona's 7 new commercials.

1. Ragnarok M Eternal Love (mobile game)

2. OZEN (blender)

3. DB (indemnity insurance) 

4. HY Fresh One-Day Vegetable (juice)

5. PANDORA (Jewelry)

6. Tous Les Jours (bakery)

7. Hyundai Department store (duty free shop)

Isn't it amazing? But that's not all. The hallyu star has filmed some commercials in foreign countries too. So, in all, she's currently working as a model for more than 10 commercials. There are no other Korean celebrities who recently filmed such many commercials. Her popularity in the advertising world is exploding now, and it is Yoona's generation.

Why do you think is the reason for Yoona's great popularity in the advertising world then? Well, here are comments by people in the advertising industry.

"She's fresh and energetic".

"She's very bright and feminine".

"The hallyu star is very popular among people at home and abroad, of course, and she's elegant and refined too".

"She's full of bright energy".

"Unlike other ordinary idols, Yoona, who has long been active as a member of popular k-pop girl group Girls' Generation, is popular not just among young people but among old people".

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