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BTS' 7-year contract with Big Hit and their great team work

BTS has renewed their contract with Big Hit Entertainment. It is a 7-year contract, and the 7 handsome members will be with the k-pop agency for 7 more years.

You might think it is a matter of course because BTS is doing so great now, and the team has a special bond with Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit Entertainment, who has been giving full support to the no.1 boy group for a long time.

However, it's not that simple. Many of k-pop idol groups break up 7 years after their debut, and it is because of their contract issues.

Let's see. Years ago, the Fair Trade Commission made it mandatory for k-pop agencies to use the standard form of contract. According to the standard form of contract, the contract year should be less than 7 years, while k-pop idols and agencies should conduct talks about their profit sharing. They share their profits by the ratio of 5 to 5, 4 to 6, 3 to 7, or 2 to 8. It differs from idol to idol and agency to agency.

By the way, there are problems about contracts between k-pop idols and agencies. You know, there sometimes is an idol who is much more popular than his or her team mates. However, during the rookie season, k-pop idol group members have to divide profits equally even though a certain member earns much more than the others. So think about it. The idols who are more popular than their team mates and earn more than them may be unhappy with the unfair situation. The idols leave their agencies after the expiration of their contract because they think they can do all the things without their team mates' help. And some of their team mates also leave their agencies because they are jealous of the popular idols and they think their agencies are partial.

That's not all. Every idol singer feels anxiety about the future because they can't be active as idol singers for all of their lives. They have to retire someday. So, some of idols who are unsure about their future determine to quit their singing careers and try to find a new route. So they sometimes leave their agencies after the expiration of their contract to start their acting careers.

In this complex situation, BTS members renewed their contract with Big Hit Entertainment even though they had one more year on their contract. What do you think it means?

It means their teamwork is great, and they're united as a team. What's very impressive about BTS is that they still act so humble and care about one another even though they've already become the most popular k-pop boy group and achieved so many things. People around BTS members say they always appreciate things and have a strong friendship because they've gone through hard times together. You know, they're not artists of big k-pop agencies and all of them had hard times, but they overcame hardships together and made it to the top.

Unlike some of other idols who only think about their personal success, BTS members always unite as a team and pursue the team's success. That's why many people in the k-pop industry predict that BTS will stay on top for a long time.


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