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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 6. Success

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At the Han River, Minho and Minjoo were sitting in Minho’s car. Han River was k-pop idols’ favorite dating place because they could park there and date secretly, watching the river. In Minho’s white sedan, Minho and Minjoo looked affectionately at each other. Daniel had prohibited BMB members from driving even after they debuted and they attained adulthood because he didn’t want any trouble caused by their driving. But, he lifted the regulation after BMB’s exclusive concert was successfully finished.

“What are you thinking about?” asked Minho, with a gentle smile.

“Well, I don’t know. Everything just feels like a dream. How about you? What are you thinking about?” said Minjoo, looking into Minho’s eyes.

“I was thinking you’re so pretty” said Minho, smiling at Minjoo.

“No, please don’t say such a thing” Minjoo hid her face bashfully.

“I was thinking I should have told you sooner. Sorry for giving you such a hard time” said Minho, holding Minjoo’s hand.

“No, there's nothing to be sorry about. I’m so thankful to you, Minho. Really, thank you” said Minjoo.

“Do you want me to tell other people about our relationship, by the way? You know, we’re idols, and it could be a real problem”

They sat in silence for a moment.

“I want everyone to know of our relationship, frankly speaking. But as you know, we need to be careful not to cause damage to people around us. We have our members, and we have our fans. Especially, you have a lot of fans. I think it’s selfish to only think of ourselves” said Minjoo.

“Yeah, I agree with you. Even if we don’t open our relationship, we’ll be just fine. What’s important is our love toward each other” Minho sounded sincere.

Minho looked into Minjoo’s eyes. Her eyes were twinkling. Minjoo hung her head, while a flush mounted to her face. Minho got closer to Minjoo slowly, and Minjoo closed her eyes and lay quiet. Minho kissed softly upon her lips. Her heart thudded madly against her ribs.

Minho kissed softly upon Minjoo's lips


After his drama went off the air, Minho was interviewed by various Korean media outlets. It was customary for Korean drama actors to give an interview to media outlets after the end of their dramas.

“You’ve finished filming your drama. How do you feel?” asked the reporter.

“I was very happy to be loved by so many viewers. At first, it was hard for me to play the character, but I could do it thanks to many people's great help” answered Minho.

“What was it like acting together with Jin Seohyun, by the way? There was even a rumor that you two were dating” asked the reporter, with her eyes fixed on Minho’s.

“It was good. I’m happy that we could please many viewers by showing good chemistry. However, the rumor is not true. Just like my agency announced before, we’re just close friends” Minho was indisposed at the moment, but he said coolly. He tried to suppress his feelings.

“Oh, ok. I just asked the question because there are many people who think you two make a good match. You know, she’s very beautiful, and you’re handsome. Anyway, what is your ideal type of woman like, then?” The reporter continued to question.

“My ideal type is…” Minho paused for a moment.

“My ideal type is a cute and innocent girl who has white face and twinkling eyes. And a girl who is about 162cm tall and always cares about people around her” answered Minho.

“A girl who has white face and twinkling eyes and is about 162cm tall? It’s quite specific. It sounds like you describe a certain person. Do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, no. I’m too busy to date someone these days. I just want to meet such a girl someday. It’s my wish”

The interview was released a few hours later. It was titled “Handsome idol star looking for a cute girl with white face”. After reading the article, Minjoo called Minho. Since she was a rookie idol and was prohibited from using a cellphone by her agency, she had to use a pay phone secretly.

“Hey, Minjoo. Is this a pay phone?”

“Yeah, I called you after reading the article?”

“Article? Oh, the interview? So, how did you like it?”

“Well, I just wondered if you described me in the interview. A cute and innocent girl who has white face and twinkling eyes?” asked Minjoo, with a voice filled with expectation.

“Well, as I mentioned in the interview, I just want to meet such a girl someday” Minho said in an indifferent tone, deliberately.

“What?” The innocent girl’s voice faltered.

“It was a joke, haha. Yeah, it’s you. A cute and innocent girl who has white face and twinkling eyes and always cares about people around her”

“Hey, don’t tease me” Minjoo complained, with a cute voice.

“Ok, ok. What do you have scheduled for today, by the way?”

“I have to go to Daegu now. We have a show there”

“Oh, Daegu. You have to travel a long way. When are you coming back?”

“Maybe around 2 a.m.?”

“Ok, be safe, and I'll wait for you in front of your dormitory around 2 a.m. I love you”

“I love you too”

After hanging up phone, Minjoo stood still for a moment. It was her first time to say “I love you” to a man. The words just flew out of her mouth when Minho said “I love you” to her. Then she could really realize that she got a boyfriend, and a smile spread over her face.

"I love you too" The words just flew out of Minjoo's mouth


Lovey Girls was about to comeback. It was the girl group’s second mini album, and all went as planned. Even though the girl group was not a top class idol group yet, Park Donghoon and Lovey Girls members expected to take a leap forward through their comeback. A positive sign for them was that their fans had kept increasing since they released their debut album. During their promotional activities for their debut album, they traveled all over the country to meet their fans, and they put efforts into online marketing too.

“Hello?” Park Donghoon answered his phone.

“Is it confirmed? Oh… ok” He was on the phone long, and his face hardened. Lovey Girls members could feel something bad had happened.

After hanging up the phone, Park Donghoon breathed a sigh.

“Ok, girls. I have bad news for you. Pinkish will make a comeback on the same day as you” said Park Donghoon.

But the girls couldn’t understand why it was bad news for them.

“Why is that bad news for us? How does that affect us?” asked Soyun.

“Ok, think about it” said Park Donghoon.

“If Pinksh makes a comeback on the same day as you, much interest will be focused on Pinkish because Pinkish is a girl group of Fish Entertainment, one of the biggest k-pop agencies. Our agency is not big and influential, unfortunately, and there is concern that you will not be able to attract much attention because of Pinkish. Daniel Lee, the CEO of Fish Entertainment already knew that you will make a comeback on the day, but it seems he just doesn’t care about us”

An awkward silence hung among them for a time. And Soyun began to talk.

“Then, how about delaying our comeback? We’ve put enormous effort into our new album, and I don’t want to…”

“No” Minjoo cut in.

“No, we will never delay our comeback. Soyun, as you said, we’ve put enormous effort into our new album, and we have nothing to be afraid of. We don’t need to avoid Pinkish. We can do well. Mr. Park, trust me. I’m confident about our comeback”

Even though her old friends belonged to Pinkish, Minjoo never wanted to lose to the girl group. Moreover, Minjoo wanted to show something to Daniel Lee. And she wanted to make the calculating man feel something.

Looking into Minjoo’s eyes filled with conviction, Park Donghoon nodded his head.


After releasing its new album, Pinkish hogged the limelight, as expected. Fish Entertainment provided full support to the girl group, and the team topped a variety of online music charts. Lovey Girls did fine on the charts, but the girls ranked much lower than Pinkish, unfortunately.

However, Lovey Girls didn’t give up. The members visited various cities to perform and promote their new song. They had to manage a series of tight schedules, but they always did their best, and they finally got a chance to reverse the situation. Minjoo’s fancam filmed by her fan created a buzz around the net, and the fancam helped Lovey Girls climb online music charts to the top. In the fancam, Minjoo showed charming moves, showing off her pretty appearance, and she jumped to stardom. It all just happened so fast.

3 weeks after its comeback, Lovey Girls finally became the candidate for the first place on “Show! K-pop Bank”. Lovey Girls’ opponent was Pinkish, of course.

Minjoo and the other Lovey Girls members were heading to their waiting room. Since it was their first time to appear in a k-pop chart show as the candidate for the first place, the girls looked excited and a little bit nervous at the same time.

Just then, Hyejin was walking toward them from the end of the corridor. She stopped in front of Lovey Girls, and there was a strained atmosphere between them.

“You finally became the candidate for the first place. Congratulations, Minjoo” said Hyejin, with a scornful smile.

“But” she continued.

“Do you think you can beat us?” said Hyejin, staring at Minjoo’s eyes.

“No, you can’t. It’s impossible for you. We belong to Fish Entertainment, the best k-pop agency. You will never beat us forever. Know your place, and stop dreaming”

After giving Minjoo a hostile glare, Hyejin headed to her waiting room. Minjoo felt as if something burst inside her. She never wanted to lose to her.

Lovey Girls and Pinkish came on the stage and lined up

Finally, Lovey Girls and Pinkish came on the stage and lined up. They were waiting for the first place announcement. Pinkish had earned more album sales points, but Lovey Girls had earned more digital single points than the Fish Entertainment’s girl group. A decisive factor in the showdown was SMS voting.

“Ok, it’s time to announce the winner of this week’s no.1 trophy!” shouted the mc of “Show! K-pop Bank”.

Minjoo got so nervous that she couldn’t even breathe well. Hyejin got very nervous too. Even though she had put on a brave face in front of Minjoo, she couldn’t predict the final result either. Both of them were staring at the screen that showed the two girl groups’ points. As expected, Pinkish got more album sales points than Lovey Girls, while Lovey Girls got more digital single points than Pinkish. The only thing left was SMS voting points. The two teams’ SMS voting points went up simultaneously, but Pinkish’s points stopped going up earlier than Lovey Girls’. Lovey Girls got 500 more SMS voting points than Pinkish, and as a result, Lovey Girls earned more total points, beating Pinkish by only 20 points. It was a close game, and if it had not been for many fans who had voted for Lovey Girls, it would have been impossible for the girl group to beat Pinkish.

“Lovey Girls! Congratulations!” shouted the MC.

Minjoo shed ceaseless tears. She felt rewarded for her many years of hard work. Lovey Girls embraced each other, crying oceans of tears. Looking at them, Hyejin headed backstage with a glum look on her face.

“Well, ok” Daniel Lee, who was watching the k-pop chart show on TV gave a hollow smile.


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