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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 5. You’re Beautiful

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The more Jin Seohyun thought about it, the more irritated she got. It was unacceptable for her that she was rejected by Minho only because of a young girl, Minjoo. She picked up her phone and called Mr. Seo. He was a reporter who Jin Seohyun was close with.

“Hey, Seohyun, what’s up? You don’t usually call me at this time of night”

“Well, I have something that you want”

“What is it?”

“I have a boyfriend”

“You have a boyfriend? Well, it’s a surprise. So, who’s your boyfriend?” With astonishment in Mr. Seo’s voice he asked.

“It’s Minho”

“Minho? Minho of BMB, who you’re acting together with? Wow. But why do you tell me about this? You know, it’s very unusual that a famous actress herself talks about her boyfriend to a reporter”

“You don’t like it? Just don’t report it if you don’t want to. I know many other reporters” said Jin Seohyun, in a firm voice.

“No, no. I was just curious because famous actresses don’t usually do such a thing. Ok, I’ll report it. The queen of drama falls in love with an idol star. How do you like the title?”

“Just do whatever you want”

Next day morning, the article made the headline in the newspaper Mr. Seo worked for. Minho saw the article too, of course, and all the people who worked for Fish Entertainment were put on alert because a love scandal could have disastrous effect on an idol star.

“Hey, what is this article?” asked Daniel Lee. His voice was husky with anger.

“I don't know how it happened. She’s not my girlfriend, and I’ve never dated her. I swear I don’t have a girlfriend” said Minho, expressing resentment.

Daniel Lee was lost in thought for a while.

“Hey, Eunha. Call all the reporters we’re close with and tell them Minho is just a close friend with Jin Seohyun. We need to deal with this as quickly as possible”

“Ok, I will” answered Kim Eunha, leaving the room.

Minho and Daniel Lee sat in silence for a moment.

“Hey, don’t worry. I can handle this. But, keep in mind that you should be always careful. You’re not just a trainee any more. You are the asset of our agency, and you ought to try not to do damage to the agency. You know, I spent an enormous amount of money to make you who you are” Daniel Lee spoke with finality.

“Ok” Minho still couldn’t understand why such an article was released.

“All right, you can go now. You know, you have to participate in the Idol Star Athletics Championships today. Always smile and act naturally there” said Daniel Lee.

"What? She's not my girlfriend"


“Hey, who’s this? An idol star who fell in love with the queen of drama? Haha, it’s awesome. So, since when do you date her? She’s really sexy, by the way. I envy you, bro” said Giho, smirking at Minho.

“It’s not true. I don’t date her” said Minho, with a fixed expression on his face.

“Hey, don’t be shy. As I always say, we need to love and date somebody to become better singers. So, did sleep with her?” said Giho, smirking at Minho again.

“Hey, stop it” Minho fixed Giho with an angry stare.

“Ok, ok. There are so many cute girls here, by the way. Oh, look at her legs. She’s really awesome” said Giho, pointing at a female idol.
There were more than 100 idols who took part in the Idol Star Athletics Championships. They often waved their hands and smiled bright smiles for their fans who came there to support them, but some of them were busy sending secret signals to their boyfriends or girlfriends. And idols who didn’t have their boyfriends or girlfriends like Giho were busy watching pretty and handsome idols. For idols, who were always tightly managed by their agencies, the Idol Star Athletics Championships was a great chance to interact with the opposite sex because all the male and female idols took part in the championships.

“Hey, hey. Look at that girl. I think she looks sexier than on television. I should go talk to her” said Giho, jumping to his feet.

“Hey, don’t. Fans are watching us” said Minho, taking Giho by the wrist.

“Ok, I know. Don’t worry, I won’t. I’m just going to the bathroom” said Giho, leaving there with a smirk on his face.

What distressed Minho was not only the fact that he had mixed up in a ridiculous love scandal but also the fact that Minjoo must have seen the news. Minho didn’t ever ask her to go out with him, and she was not his girlfriend, but he never wanted to cause any understanding because he loved her.

“Hey, when will the championships end?” asked Minho.

“Maybe late in the evening? Why? Do you have somewhere to go?” said Junho, his team mate.

“No, nothing” Minho got absorbed in deep thought.

BMB participated in the Idol Star Athletics Championships


“Minjoo, you ok?” asked Soyun.

Minjoo and Soyun were in a vehicle heading to their dormitory. It was a long day. They had a hectic schedule during the day, and they had to visit a total of 3 cities to perform their song that day. But all day, Minjoo couldn’t stop thinking about the news she saw in the morning. She didn’t laugh and was so quiet all day.

“Yeah, I’m ok” answered Minjoo, but her face was still gloomy.

The vehicle arrived at their dormitory, and the girls stepped out of the vehicle. Just then, Jin Seohyun was walking toward to the girls from a distance.

“Hi, Minjoo. You know who I am. I have something to talk over with you. So, would you excuse us, please?” said Jin Seohyun, taking off her sunglasses.

Soyun looked at her warily, but Minjoo gave a slight nod, and the Lovey Girls members entered their dormitory, leaving Minjoo alone there.
“So, Minjoo. Did you see the news in the morning?” asked Jin Seohyun, haughtily.

“Yes, why?”

“Why? You really don’t know why? You flirted with Minho. I’m here to warn you. Don’t even think about doing such a thing again. He’s my boyfriend. He loves me. Do you know what I mean?”

Minjoo couldn’t even open her mouth. And suddenly tears welled up in her eyes.

“What? Are you crying? Don't pretend to be so innocent. Just promise not to flirt with my boyfriend any more” Jin Seohyun snapped at Minjoo.

“I…” Minjoo began to talk after a short silence.

“I can’t” said Minjoo.

“What? You can’t? What are you talking about? Do you hear me or not? He’s my boyfriend, so I don’t want you near him”

“I don’t believe you” said Minjoo, looking her straight in the eye.

“I don’t believe you’re Minho’s girlfriend” added Minjoo, in a firm tone.

“What? Why don’t you believe it?” asked Jin Seohyun, indignantly.

“Because you’re not the type of person he likes. He is a good-hearted man, and you’re not the right woman for him”

“What? Do you think it's okay just to say anything you want?”

Jin Seohyun seized Minjoo by the hair, yelling out in anger. Minjoo was not strong enough to defend herself against the attack, and all she could do was just shout out in pain.

Just then, a black van arrived there, and a man got out of the van. It was Minho.

"You flirted with Minho. He's my boyfriend!"


Minho separated Minjoo and Jin Seohyun.

“Hey, what’s wrong with you? Stop it! Minjoo, are you ok?” Minho watched Minjoo’s face with a worried look on his face.

On seeing Minho, Minjoo burst into cry.

“You cry again? It makes me sick just to look at you” Jin Seohyun sneered at Minjoo.

“Stop it! I warn you” Minho shouted at Jin Seohyun.

“Ok, ok. How did you like my present for you, by the way?” said Jin Seohyun, giving Minho a sly smile.

“So was the whole thing your idea? Did you tell the reporter that we’re dating? Why did you lie to him?” Minho looked angrily at Jin Seohyun.

“Do you have any idea how much you hurt me? You just rejected me coldly when I asked you to have a drink together. Didn’t you think such a cold attitude could hurt a woman? Why did you do that?” Jin Seohyun cried.

“Because I thought I didn’t need to. And because I didn’t want to. You’re my co-worker and I want to get along well with you, but that’s all. I don't think of you as a woman”

Jin Seohyun was at a loss for words, and tears fell from her eyes. She couldn’t even say a word. She felt inclined to sink into the ground with shame. All she could was run to her car. Running to her car, she looked back but Minho seemed not to be interested in her at all. He was taking care of Minjoo.

“Minjoo, I’m sorry. Are you ok?” said Minho, patting Minjoo’s shoulder. Minjoo wiped away tears with her sleeve.

“Minjoo, I’m here to tell you something. Everything is not true. I’m not her boyfriend, and I don’t have a girlfriend” Minho looked into Minjoo’s eyes.

“But, why?” asked Minjoo, with eyes brimming over with tears.

For a moment, no one spoke.

“Minjoo, I know I should have told you sooner, but…” He paused for a moment.

“I love you, Minjoo. I've loved you for years, since we first met. Could you be my girlfriend?”

Minho’s heart heart beat fast while he was waiting for Minjoo’s answer. But Minjoo hesitated to answer.

“I, I don’t know” Minjoo spoke in a faint voice.

“Why? I know it’s really sudden, but I can do my best to…”

“No, that’s not a problem. I’m the problem” Minjoo cut in.

“What? What do you mean, Minjoo?”

An awkward silence hung between them for a moment. And Minjoo began to talk.

“I’m not the one who deserves your love. You know, I was….” Before she could finish her sentence, Minho hugged her tightly.

“Do not talk any more. Just forget about everything. You deserve much love. Look at you. You’re beautiful” said Minho, looking Minjoo in the face with a gentle smile.

“So, could you be my girlfriend?” Minho asked again, and Minjoo gave a nod instead of an answer.

"Could you be my girlfriend?" Minjoo gave a nod instead of an answer


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