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[Kpop Romance Based on a True Story] You're Beautiful - Chapter 3. Debut

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Park Donghoon studied Minjoo and Soyun’s faces for a moment and said, smiling, “So, are you prepared to be trained hard? It will never be easy”

Minjoo took part in several auditions after being kicked out of Fish Entertainment. Even though she was deeply wounded, but she couldn’t give up her dream. She couldn’t tell her parents why she had to leave Fish Entertainment, of course, and she had to become a trainee of a new k-pop agency to relieve her parents’ anxiety. And finally, she passed DH Entertainment’s audition with her friend Soyun. DH Entertainment was not as big as Fish Entertainment, but Minjoo and Soyun were filled with anticipation about their life in the agency.

“Yes, yes!” cried Minjoo and Soyun at once.

“Ok, let’s do it, then. Congratulations, and welcome to DH Entertainment. We're all family now” said Park Donghoon, the CEO of DH Entertainment.

“By the way, Minjoo” Park Donghoon looked at Minjoo’s face.

“I heard that you’ve been trained by Fish Entertainment. Why did you leave there? You know, Fish Entertainment is much bigger and more influential than our agency”

“I, uhm…” Minjoo hesitated to say why.

“Ok, you don’t need to talk about it if you don’t want to. Never mind. I just wondered. Just don’t be late tomorrow. Hard training will begin, so be prepared before coming here. Ok? Welcome to DH Entertainment again” said Park Donghoon, giving the two girls a benign smile.
After getting out of DH Entertainment’s building, Minjoo looked up at the building. The building was not as fancy as Fish Entertainment’s building at all, but she liked it for no reason.

“Minjoo, you ok?” asked Soyun.

“Yeah, I’m ok. Why?”

“I just… I just want you to be happy, I really do. Just forget all about the past and let's make a fresh start” said Soyun, tentatively.

“Don’t be so worried. I’m really ok. I’m just so happy that I can be always with you while being trained” Minjoo smiled at Soyun.

“Ok, let’s do it! We can do it. We’ll be able to become very famous k-pop stars some day. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s training”

The two girls hugged each other, smiling brightly. Just then, Minjoo noticed a screen placed outside a convenience store. BMB’s music video was being played in the screen. BMB was Fish Entertainment’s new boy group, and Minho and Giho belonged to the team. Watching the music video, Minjoo felt something missing in her heart because Giho looked so happy as if nothing had happened.

"Are you prepared to be trained hard?" asked Park Donghoon, with a smile


BMB’s debut was very successful. All the media attention was given to the 4-member boy group, while the team became one of the hottest k-pop boy groups as soon as it debuted. As popular rookie idols, the members had to manage a series of tight schedules.

“I’m so tired I could die” Giho mutter to himself, leaning back in his chair in a waiting room of “Show! K-pop Bank”.

“I’m so tired that I can’t even sing. Hey, guys. What do you think? Let’s do lip-syncing today. It’s just easier to perform if we lip-synch. And I think I’m catching a cold too. Cough!” Giho coughed several times, casting a furtive glance at the other members.

“No” said Minho, in a resolute tone.

“We can’t deceive our fans. They’ve been waiting out there since early in the morning to watch our performance. We have an obligation to do our best to please them”

“Oh, well, Minho, think about it” said Giho, getting up from a chair.

“They won't even notice if we just don't say anything. No one can notice whether it’s AR or MR. Do you understand what I mean? We can use our LAR if you’re so worried”

“As I said, no. Why did we practice so hard when we were trainees? To do lip-syncing? I don’t want to be a puppet-like idol. Do you want me to pretend to sing on the stage? I’ll never do such a thing” Minho said and stormed off the waiting room.

“Ok! Have it your own way! I won’t sing today, anyway. He’s so stubborn” said Giho, with a wry smile.

BMB enjoyed great popularity


Minjoo and Soyun stepped into the corridor back of the stage of “Show! K-pop Bank”. They’d watched k-pop chart shows numerous times, but it was their first time to visit a k-pop chart show. Park Donghoon took them there to show how things were actually done there.

“What do you feel in here?” asked Park Donghoon.

“I’m so excited! Everything is amazing to me!” Soyun shouted with joy.

“Next time, you will visit here as professional singers. You will sing on the stage too then” said Park Donghoon, with a smiling face.

“Oh, I can’t wait!” said Soyun, smiling brightly at Minjoo.

Just then, Daniel Lee was walking toward them from the end of the corridor. BMB members were with him.

“Hey, Mr. Park. It's been a long time, hasn't it?” said Daniel Lee, holding out his hand to Park Donghoon.

“Yeah, Daniel. How have you been? You must have been very busy, huh?” Park Donghoon grasped Daniel Lee’s hand and shook it.

After exchanging greetings with Park Donghoon, Daniel Lee noticed that Minjoo was with him.

“Minjoo, it’s been a while. You must have signed with Mr. Park. He’s a great k-pop producer, so you can just rely on him. So, how have you been? You look good”

Minjoo bowed slightly to him.

“So, these boys are BMB, huh?” Minjoo’s face got grim, and Park Donghoon could notice something had happened between her and Daniel Lee, but he just changed the topic of their conversation.

“Yeah, Mr. Park. They’re still lacking in many things so they need to learn a lot. Please give them some advice. Hey, boys, this is Mr. Park” said Daniel Lee, and BMB members bowed down to Park Donghoon.

“Come on, Daniel. You’re the best k-pop producer. I’m not in the position to advise them. Anyway, I think we have to go. There are so many things to show these girls. It was great to meet you, Daniel” Park Donghoon and Daniel Lee shook hands with each other.

Minjoo looked at Minho and Giho. The rookie idols looked really gorgeous. But Giho avoided Minjoo’s eyes.

“Boys, let’s go. We’re out of time. And Minjoo, it was good to see you. See you next time” said Daniel Lee after saying goodbye to Park Donghoon.

BMB members went after Daniel Lee, but Minho couldn’t just leave Minjoo he hadn’t seen for a long time. She was still pretty, and her clear eyes made his heart throb again.

“Minjoo, long time no see. How have you been?” said Minho.

“Hi, Minho. You look great” said Minjoo, looking at his dashing figure.

Just then, Daniel Lee looked back and shouted, “Hey, Minho! We’re out of time. Get here quickly”

Daniel Lee frowned at Minho, while Giho stared fiercely at him.

“Minjoo, let’s make a promise. Let’s meet here again later after you make a debut. I know you can do it. I believe you” said Minho, tapping her on the shoulder. And then he ran towards Daniel Lee and BMB members.

Minjoo watched Minho’s back till he was out of sight.

"Let's meet here again later after you make a debut"


2 years had passed since Minjoo had joined DH Entertainment. Minjoo had become a better trainee, and she was fully ready to debut. Soyun had improved a lot too, while the two girls were scheduled to debut as members of a 6-member girl group “Lovey Girls” soon. The girl group was DH Entertainment’s first ever girl group.

“So, are you ready?” asked Park Donghoon.

It was the day of Lovey Girls’ debut. Backstage, the girls were waiting for the start of their debut showcase. Minjoo’s heart went pit-a-pat, and she rehearsed her performance again and again in her head. Their debut song was “I like it”, a lovely song with a cheerful melody. Minjoo was worried she would ruin her high-note part.

“Don’t worry. Just do as you usually do when you practice. You can do it, girls” Park Donghoon tried to cheer up the girls.

Finally, Lovey Girls stood on the stage. Even though Lovey Girls was just a rookie girl group and DH Entertainment was not that big and influential k-pop agency, there were lots of reporters who came to see the members. Most of them were acquainted with Park Donghoon, who had been working in the k-pop industry for a long time, and they came to cover Lovey Girls’ debut showcase to give support to the experienced k-pop producer of good character.

Minjoo couldn’t even stand up straight with her legs shaking, but she did her best to show great performance. And she did pretty good. She didn’t ruin her high-note part, and she didn’t make a mistake while dancing either. After performing the debut song, Lovey Girls posed for cameras and answered to some reporters’ questions.

Minjoo tried to answer to the questions with her utmost sincerity, and as a leader of her team, she spoke of the girl group’s aspirations, saying “We’re still lacking in many things, but we want to become one of the most popular k-pop girl groups someday. We want to be a girl group like Girls’ Generation”.

After the end of the showcase, Lovey Girls members gathered together backstage. It was amazing for the girls to see all the articles about themselves that were released in real time during their debut showcase. Everything seemed to Minjoo like a dream.

Suddenly tears welled up in Minjoo’s eyes. All the good and bad memories went through her mind like a flash, and she couldn’t stop crying.

 “Hey” Soyun, who had always stayed beside Minjoo, held her in her arms. They embraced each other and wept.

Lovey Girls' debut showcase was successful


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