Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!

<Kpop Secret> (Full Edition) Amazon(Paperback): Amazon: iTunes: Kobo: -Unknown stories about kpop stars such as BTS, EXO, BIGBANG, TWICE, BLACKPINK and more -Korean stars' real personality -With whom and how they date -How much they earn Aren’t you curious about k-pop stars’ real personality? Aren’t you curious about unknown stories about them? Here’s what you’ve been waiting for! Kpop Secret is released! Welcome to the real world of k-pop. We tried to include all the secret stories about Korean entertainment industry in Kpop Secret. We want to share all the stories behind k-pop stars with fans all over the world.

[Korean Stars' Real Personality] Son Dambi

Frankly speaking, I didn’t get any special feelings when I met Son Dambi because she looked and acted just like she did in TV. She’s very beautiful, but she sometimes acted rough and tough like a tough guy, while her way of talking was not feminine at all. Oh, don’t get me wrong. I’m not talking she’s not attractive or she’s butch. What I want to say is that she’s not pretentious and she has an unaffected personality. All the people around her say she really is a genuine person. That’s why she is loved by so many people in the Korean entertainment world of the opposite sex.


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